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Our Diploma in Market Access provides you with in-depth knowledge of the Danish healthcare system, its stakeholders, financing models, and economic methods, including QALYs. The courses that make up the Diploma provide you with a range of practical tools that enable you to work strategically with both new and established products in the pharma market.

The Diploma in Market Access is targeted at employees in market access and public affairs, key account managers, medical advisors, product managers, and new leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, and it ensures you updated knowledge of the Danish healthcare sector, its financing models, decision-makers, and patient associations.

Introductory courses

Introduction to Market Access - Read more

Introduction to Outcome-Based Risk Sharing Agreements - Read more

Understand health economic analyses - Read more

Advanced courses

Cross-Functional Market Access - Read more

Pre-launch and Post-launch marketing compliance - Read more

Securing Market Uptake - Read more  


Diploma in Market Access - Read more

What is QALY?

Quality-adjusted life year (QALY) is an effect measure that combines quality of life and survival. The method is used to measure the overall health gain, i.e. how many good years of life are gained by a new treatment.

When comparing the costs with the effect (QALY), one obtains a cost-effectiveness measure (cost/QALY). The cost-effectiveness demonstrates the cost of a life year gained, in perfect health, for the specific treatment.

The method makes it possible to compare treatments across disease areas, as the effect of all kinds of treatments can be calculated in QALYs. This gives decision makers a basis for prioritisation. The method is internationally accepted as the best possible decision-making fundament for prioritisation in the healthcare system. The Danish Medicines Council has used the method since January 2021.

As part of a pharmaceutical company's application to the Medicines Council for the recommendation of a new drug, the company must calculate the cost effectiveness (cost/QALY).

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