Cross-Functional Market Access

Learn how to improve your market access activities through cross-functional collaboration

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25 - 26 Sep 2024

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On location

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13,500 DKK ex VAT

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Choosing the right Market Access activities plays a pivotal role for successful launch of new, pharmaceutical products.

Success hinges on strong, cross-functional teamwork, especially between commercial, medical, regulatory affairs, and market access teams. 

During this two day course, you get in-depth knowledge about market access work in pharmaceutical companies including the most important internal and external stakeholders, how you can best contribute to a successful market access effort.

This course builds on insights and learnings from the course Introduction to Market Access and prepares you for participation in the subsequent market access course: Securing Market Uptake

Other course participants say

"Good lecturers who provide coherence in a field that is difficult to manoeuvre."

Henrik Lykkeby Jacobsen, Sr. Key Account Manager, medac. 

"Valuable insights and understanding of a complex area with huge significance in our cross-functional daily work. Highly competent educators who managed to explain complex things simply."

Evy Skovhaur, Disease Area Manager, Oncology, Novartis Healthcare A/S

"A very good course where the learnings were made very practical and applicable."

Hans-Jakob Sørensen, Medical Advisor, GSK Denmark


  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Danish Medicines Council
  • Pricing and negotiation
  • Health economics


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Course leader & lecturers

  • Anne Kolbye
    Course leader
    Value Demonstration Manager
    Roche A/S
  • Sune Tüxen Jørgensen
    Course leader
    Business Lead
    Roche A/S
  • Christian Graves Beck
    Nordic HTA Enabler
    Roche A/S
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Is this course for you?

You either work in Market Access or closely together with the Market Access team in a pharma company on the Danish market.

What will you learn   

  1. You will learn how to organise and execute cross-functional ways of working in the triangle between market access, commercial and medical.
  2. You follow a company's process towards getting a new pharmaceutical through a Medicines Council process.
  3. You will be introduced to real success and failure cases and the key learnings from these.
  4. Through case work you will get the opportunity to plan your own market access strategy, to test your ideas and get feedback from the course leaders.

      What your company will get   

      1. An employee, who understands the processes involved in gaining market access and can work with the key stakeholders involved in these processes.
      2. An employee, who knows how to plan a market access strategy involving cross-functional collaboration.
      3. An employee, who knows and understands the use of QALY as a cost utility measure, a budget impact plan, and a health economic analysis.
      4. An employee, who understands how pricing and negotiation with payers take place.

        Course calendar

        Starting 25 Sep 2024
        25 Sep 2024 9:00-16:00
        Day 1 
        • From traditional organisation to cross-functional ways of working
        • The process for evaluating medicinal products in the Danish Medicines Counsel
        • A drug’s way through the Danish Medicines Council.
        26 Sep 2024 9:00-16:00
        Day 2 
        • Introduction to the day and recap of day 1.
        • Pricing in the primary and secondary sector.
        • Price negotiations with AMGROS (representing payer in Denmark).
        • There is more to market access than the Danish Medicines Counsel.
        • Case: preparation of a market access strategy for a primary or secondary sector pharmaceutical product.

          Practical information


          Registration deadline
          18 Sep 2024
          Lersø Parkallé 101
          2100 København Ø
          25 - 26 Sep
          Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

          Course information


          Prior to the course you get access to mandatory and/or optional readings via your personal Atrium log-in.


          If the Market Access field is new to you, we recommend that you have attended the course, Introduction to Market Access , beforehand.


          This course is mandatory curriculum, if you wish to take a Diploma in Market Access

          This course is a part of a diploma

          Diploma in Market Access

          Our Diploma in Market Access provides you with in-depth knowledge of the Danish healthcare system and its funding models and stakeholders. Raise your skill level in areas such as public affairs, stakeholder management and health economics by attending the four courses

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          Course leaders

          Anne Kolbye
          Value Demonstration Manager
          Roche A/S
          Sune Tüxen Jørgensen
          Business Lead
          Roche A/S


          Christian Graves Beck
          Nordic HTA Enabler
          Roche A/S

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