Tailored Courses


We do tailored courses

Regardless of whether your organisation faces procedural changes in bringing a solution to market or structural changes within the organisation, we can help you identify exactly:

  • Which skills need enhancement?
  • What knowledge needs an update?
  • Which competencies are needed for your organisation to achieve its full potential?

Tailored courses offer the opportunity to tackle specific issues particular to your organisation and it is a great way to strengthen cross-functional collaboration between departments and to establish a common understanding of issues.

Our broad and deep knowledge of the life science industry and our wide network of experts and experienced educators, from the Nordics and beyond, enable us to tailor-make course that meet your needs: Either within a specific area of competence or across.

We always take the time to understand your challenges and discuss how the training should be conducted in order to make an impact for you. 

We offer tailored courses within or across these areas of competence

Clinical development

Regulatory affairs

Sales, marketing and compliance

  • Examples of tailored courses: 
    • "The scope for digital advertising and the company's activities on digital media"
    • "Advertising and information in a pharmaceutical context"
    • "Written sales communication"
    • "Interaction with healthcare professionals."

Medical market access


Pharma business,

  • Examples of tailored courses:
    • "Introduction to basic pathology and pharmacology.


We tailor-make a full-day course to your needs including experts and educators from 66,000 DKK ex. VAT for up to 10 participants. A half-day course starts at 38,000 DKK ex. VAT for up to 10 participants. As your needs and number of participants vary, a final price offer is calculated for each course.  

We look forward to starting the dialogue

If you wish to request a tailored course or training programme, please contact:

Atrium Tailored Courses