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Philosophy, Environment and Organization

We are Atrium

Welcome to Atrium, a living, dynamic space where life science professionals come to learn, connect and network. We’re passionate about offering valuable learning experiences that help you advance professionally.

Our philisophy

We’re proud of our learning philosophy which combines a pragmatic, immersive approach with an open, interactive style. We offer blended learning, which gives you the opportunity to learn in both a physical location and online in an interactive and dynamic way. While we strive to feature the industry’s best lecturers, we know that’s only the beginning of the learning process. We encourage you to learn from your classmates and peers, and to tap into our range of professional networks.

We offer life long learning from basic to expert level, because we know that the need for upgrading competences changes throughout your career. Our courses and diplomas cover the medicinal product lifecycle – from molecule to marketing authorization. The courses and diplomas are divided into the subject areas: Clinical development, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Medical AffairsMarket Access, Marketing Compliance and our Pharma Consultant Diploma.

Our environment

We welcome participants with a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and roles. Although they all have their own personal development goals, they share one thing in common – the desire to learn more, from the course and from each other. This creates a warm, positive environment for everyone. With lots of open space and natural light, Atrium is a place you’ll feel welcome and comfortable while you develop yourself.

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Give us a call if you need help putting your programme together. We can also help you with registration or other practical considerations.

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