Pharma Consultant Diploma

Conceptual knowledge that is necessary for success in the pharma industry


Our Pharma Consultant Diploma is relevant for anyone who wants a basic understanding of pharmaceutical terminology, the incumbents of the healthcare sector, and the pharmaceutical industry, and who wants to strengthen their capabilities when working with or advising on medicinal products for human use.

You will acquire conceptual knowledge on anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and the pharmaceutical industry. Medical Doctors from the healthcare sector and experts from the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that the course content is up to date and relevant.  

Components of the diploma 

The Pharma Consultant Diploma consists of compulsory courses that provide you with conceptual knowledge on anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology as well as a range of elective courses to fit your professional interests and needs.

To obtain your Diploma, you must:

  • Attend all the compulsory courses
  • Pass the exams for Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology and Pharmacology
  • Complete from a range of elective courses.

You must complete all the courses and exams within a 30-month period.

You can take the courses in any order that suits you, however it is required that you take the course Understanding Pharma OR Introduction to Pharma in the Nordics before any elective courses.

    Is this diploma for you?

    The Pharma Consultant Diploma is relevant for anyone, who works in or on behalf of a pharmaceutical company in Denmark and who interacts with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

    This is what a former participant gained from the Diploma:


    Please check under each elective course for any prerequisites.

    If you work in a Lif member company:

    This is a thorough education for all persons who, on behalf of a pharmaceutical company and the like, on medicine for human use.

    All employees who advise on pharmaceutical products  must have started the courses within 12 months of initial employment and must have passed the final exam and  completed the elective courses within 30 months of initial employment. 


    • Pharma industry value chain
    • Lifecycle of pharmaceuticals
    • Anatomy and pathology
    • Pharmacology
    • HCP interaction

    Elective courses

    Choose elective courses from the following course categories:

    Market Access

    Medical Affairs

    Marketing Compliance

    Pharma Business

    You must attend and complete a total of 4 days of elective courses.


    • 1 Market Access course (2 days)
    • 1 Marketing Compliance course (1 day)
    • 1 Medical Affairs course (1 day)


    • 1 Market Access course (2 days)
    • 1 Marketing Compliance course (2 days)

    If you are in doubt, whether the level of a given course is too basic or too advanced for you, please do not hesitate to contact the Client Manager of the respective course.

    Compulsory courses

    Please note: Participate in either "Understanding Pharma" or "Introduction to Pharma in the Nordics". Please note that the compulsory course Pharmacology consists of three modules (Module I, Module II and Module III). Each module is a two-day course, and you must register for each module separately. The Pharmacology exam covers all three modules.
    Understanding Pharma
    Next course: 5 Mar 2024
    Introduction to Pharma in the Nordics
    Next course: 4 Sep 2024
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Next course: 13 Mar 2024
    Next course: 13 Mar 2024
    Pharmacology I
    Next course: 20 Mar 2024
    Pharmacology II
    Next course: 11 Oct 2023
    Pharmacology III
    Next course: 15 Nov 2023

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