Digital Transformation Network

Join and develop as a professional in digitalisation and digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry

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Come and hear Omnichannel experts from Novo Nordisk, ALK Abello and Janssen as well an expert from KHORA- a globally leading company within the growing field of VR/AR (Virtual and Augmented reality). They will share valuable insights and real cases within healthcare.

Digitalisation and digital transformation are accelerating development in the pharmaceutical industry. Where digitalisation used to belong in the IT department, it is now an integral part of the business. Our interaction with healthcare professionals has also changed, and this provides seemingly endless opportunities.

In the Digital Transformation Network, you will be introduced to new technologies and trends. The network gives you new knowledge, learning from others' experiences, ideas, and discussions in the digital field.


    • Digital health
    • Interaction med HCPs
    • Digital transformation
    • Digital marketing

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    Course leader & lecturers

    • Dennis Brøndt
      Course leader
      Senior Manager, Global Channel Enablement
    • Julie Enevold Brooker
      Country Director Denmark
      Janssen Cilag
    • Philip Væring Petersen
      Senior Director, Consumer Care
    • Mads Nathaniel Lopes
      Chief product Officer
    • Flemming Hanghøj
      Senior Brand Lead
      Novo Nordisk A/S
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    Is this network for you?

    The network is for professionals in commercial or digital functions in life science. You may work as e.g. Brand/Product Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Unit Lead, Sales Manager, Digital Specialist, Digital Lead, Business Intelligence Manager, Business Intelligence Lead, or Market Access Manager.

    What you will learn

    1. An action-oriented and inspiring network targeted at your professional area and interests.
    2. The opportunity to brainstorm, discuss challenges, trends, and opportunities in digital transformation with others who work with digital transformation in life science.
    3. The opportunity to expand your network with others in similar positions.

    What your company will get

    1. An employee who is regularly updated on developments and trends in digital transformation.
    2. An employee who gets inspiration and sparring to solve relevant challenges in their daily work.
    3. An employee with a network among other professionals who work with digital transformation in life science.


    Starting 31 May 2023
    31 May 2023 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 1

    • Welcome and mutual introductions and expected outcome
    • How digital transformation at Janssen has led to more focused and relevant customer engagement by Julie Enevold Brooker, Country Director, Janssen
      - Sharing key insights and lessons learned followed by Q&A.
    • Networking
    • Wine & tapas (optional)
    28 Sep 2023 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 2

    • KHORA: Use of VR/AR technology within healthcare by Mads Nathaniel Lopes; Chief Product Officer - Khora Exposure
      - Understanding the potential of VR/AR technology
      - Presentation of VR use cases within public and private organisations in the healthcare space.
      - Insights into the latest research within mental health and immersive technologies (VR/AR)
    • Networking & sparring
    22 Nov 2023 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 3

    • Novo Nordisk experiences with developing multichannel HCP engagement strategy for Type 2 Diabetes treatment by Flemming Hanghøj, Senior Brand Lead, Novo Nordisk Denmark/Iceland
      - How to design related unbranded and branded HCP experience journeys.
      - What are the lessons learned in DK and other countries?
    • Evaluation of sessions
    • Networking & sparring
    28 Feb 2024 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 4

    • ALK Abello Digital Health and Transformation
      - Why healthcare needs to become digital?
      - How is ALK working with digital health?
      - What are the greatest challenges in succeeding with digital transformation?
    • Networking & sparring
    • Wine & Tapas (optional)
    Practical information


    Registration deadline
    27 Sep 2023
    Lersø Parkallé 101
    2100 København Ø
    Registration deadline expired
    Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

    Course leader

    Dennis Brøndt
    Senior Manager, Global Channel Enablement


    Julie Enevold Brooker
    Country Director Denmark
    Janssen Cilag
    Philip Væring Petersen
    Senior Director, Consumer Care
    Mads Nathaniel Lopes
    Chief product Officer
    Flemming Hanghøj
    Senior Brand Lead
    Novo Nordisk A/S

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