Medical Affairs Network

Join a network for Medical Affairs professionals in pharma and the biotech industry

7 Sep 2023, 30 Nov 2023, 21 Mar 2024 and 6 Jun 2024

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8,800 DKK ex VAT

(app. 1,183 EUR ex VAT)


Early Bird! Sign-up on 8 June 2023 at the latest to benefit from a reduced price. After 8 June 2023 the price is 9,800 DKK.

Medical Affairs is becoming an increasingly important part of pharma and biotech. At the same time, it is an area undergoing rapid development, especially due to data science, data availability, and the fact that Real World Evidence rises in awareness on the authorities’ agenda.

This network provides you with the opportunity to learn from experienced Medical Affairs colleagues and inspirational speakers from other relevant areas, such as data scientists and clinicians.

The network is a  place where participants can discuss, share ideas, challenges and get inspiration from peers. It’s also a place to discuss career development and professional growth.

The price includes four annual meetings, and we will continuously solicit ideas for topics from the participants


    • Medical Affairs
    • Medical Strategy
    • Real World Evidence
    • Data science
    • Compliance

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    Course leader & lecturers

    • Palle Dahl
      Course leader
      Medical Innovation Director Nordics
      AstraZeneca A/S
    • Søren Esben Hansen
      Senior Advisor
      DLI Market Intelligence ApS
    • Julie Enevold Brooker
      Country Director Denmark
      Janssen Cilag
    • Henning Langberg
      Chief Innovation Officer
    • Sofia Iqbal
      RWE Partnership Lead
      Janssen EMEA
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    Is this course for you?

    Life science employees with a scientific background who are either fairly new to the Medical Affairs role in pharma or biotech or who wish to change career tracks into Medical Affairs from currently positions as e.g. doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or scientific researchers.

    What you will learn

    1. The opportunity to gain inspiration on newest trends impacting the Medical Affairs role
    2. The opportunity to brainstorm and discuss challenges and opportunities in the Medical Affairs area in Life Science
    3. The opportunity to gain sparring on your career development and how you can develop professionally
    4. The opportunity to expand your network with other Medical Affairs professionals in Life Science

      What your company will get

      1. An employee who gets new relevant insights and sparring on how the Medical Affairs area evolves.
      2. An employee who gets the opportunity to discuss challenges with peers and is inspired to develop professionally.
      3. An employee who gets the opportunity to expand his/her network with peers in the industry


        Starting 7 Sep 2023
        7 Sep 2023 13:00-16:00

        Session 1

        • Introductions and Setting the Scene for a successful Medical Affairs Network
        • The Value of Medical Affairs:
        • Future meetings and topics
        30 Nov 2023 13:00-16:00

        Session 2

        • Digital health, Data Science and AI: what are they, and how do we best make use of their potential in Pharma? What is the role of medical Affairs?

        21 Mar 2024 13:00-16:00

        Session 3

        • Private– Public Partnerships (PPP and PPI) and the role of Medical Affairs.
          • Inspirational talk from public stakeholder
          • Inspirational talk from private stakeholder
          • Challenges and Opportunities / Discussion
        6 Jun 2024 13:00-16:00

        Session 4

        • Creating the best launch readiness plan
          • Best practices and knowledge sharing
          • Discussion
        • Tapas and wine
        Practical information


        Registration deadline
        31 Aug 2023
        Lersø Parkallé 101
        2100 København Ø
        7 Sep - 6 Jun
        Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

        Course information


        You must have a background in healthcare, medicine, or the natural sciences and work or aspire to work within Medical Affairs

        Course leader

        Palle Dahl
        Medical Innovation Director Nordics
        AstraZeneca A/S


        Søren Esben Hansen
        Senior Advisor
        DLI Market Intelligence ApS
        Julie Enevold Brooker
        Country Director Denmark
        Janssen Cilag
        Henning Langberg
        Chief Innovation Officer
        Sofia Iqbal
        RWE Partnership Lead
        Janssen EMEA

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