Driving Innovation in Medical Affairs

Master the future must-wins for impactful Medical Affairs contributions

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5 Sep 2024

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The pharmaceutical industry, and therefore also the Medical Affairs function, is evolving rapidly these years, largely guided by societal changes, digital transformation, and financial scrutiny in the markets we operate in.

Amid these changes, new skills and competences are required from the Medical Affairs professional, including the ability to play a more strategic role. Is your organisation geared towards the changes ahead? Do you know the future must-wins for Medical Affairs?

This one day course strengthens your strategic thinking in Medical Affairs and thus contributes to the company´s need for development of innovative solutions in today´s evolving life science environment.

On the agenda of this course, you find topics like the future role of Medical Affairs, cross-functional team excellence, and perspectives on innovation in pharma.

Also, senior leaders share their experience with the personal leadership behaviors required to become a successful Medical Affairs professional who ensures impactful and relevant Medical Affairs contributions.

Other course participants say:

"Highly relevant, especially in relation to the development Medical Affairs is undergoing these years as a strategic and guiding stakeholder in pharma. I got an very good overview of the complexity of being excellent in Medical Affairs."

Gitte Hornemann Møller, Medical Advisor Field Based, Bayer A/S

"This is a really good course for Medical Affairs professionals who would like to be inspired and to be nudged out of their comfort zone."

Jesper Kildehøj, Senior Medical Advisor, Daiichi Sankyo Nordics

"I think the course gave some great insights into how Medical Affairs is developing and how Medical Affairs functions in different companies and within different areas."

Emil Jakobsen, Medical Scientific Liaison, Takeda Pharma A/S


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  • Medical Affairs innovation
  • Strategic Medical Affairs
  • HCP engagement
  • Nordic Market Access with Medical Affairs partnering
  • Private-Public partnerships (PPPs)

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Course leader & lecturers

  • Palle Dahl
    Course leader
    Medical Innovation Director Nordics
    AstraZeneca A/S
  • Thy Andresen
    Medical Director
    GSK Denmark
  • Martin Vesterby
    Doctor, Ph.d., Innovator
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Is this course for you?

This course is especially relevant if you are an experienced Medical Affairs professional, e.g. Medical Scientific Liaison, Advisor, Sr. Advisor, Manager, Director, or Medical Team lead.

What you will learn

  1. The future of Medical Affairs, e.g. its role in driving innovation.
  2. The crucial role of Medical Affairs in gaining market access in the Nordic markets.
  3. How to drive continued scientific development and leadership with strong Private-Public collaboration.
  4. How digital and omnichannel approaches can be utilised in HCP engagement.
  5. The value of an agile, effective, and customer centric mindset and organisation.

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands the value of a agile, effective, and customer centric mindset and organisation.
  2. An employee with the latest knowledge about the future of Medical Affairs and how it can drive innovation.
  3. An employee who knows how to utilise omnichannel and digital approaches in HCP engagement.
  4. An employee updated on the crucial role of Medical Affairs in gaining market access in the Nordic markets.
  5. An employee prepared to drive scientific development and leadership with strong Private-Public collaboration.

Course calendar

5 Sep 2024 9:00-16:00
  • Light breakfast and networking
  • Introduction and learning objectives
  • Future perspectives on the strategic role of Medical Affairs
  • Medical Affairs innovation
  • How to drive strategic Medical Affairs leadership
  • Medical Affairs’ contributions to successful Market Access strategies in the Nordics
  • How to achieve effective and impactful results through focused cross functional and agile team-work utilising omnichannel and digital approaches in HCP engagement
  • HCP perspective on how to successfully drive Private-Public partnerships and Medical Affairs’ role in these
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Registration deadline
21 Aug 2024
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø
5 Sep
Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

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Recommended pre-reading:

  1. Customer Centricity in Medical Affairs Needs Human-centric Artificial Intelligence
  2. The 7+ Habits of Highly Effective Medical Directors
  3. Developing Medical Affairs Leaders Who Create the Future
  4. McKinsey’s whitepaper “A vision for Medical Affairs in 2025”.
    You find it here


Experience from a pharmaceutical Medical Affairs role, either affiliate or global.


There is no examination for this course.

Course leader

Palle Dahl
Medical Innovation Director Nordics
AstraZeneca A/S


Thy Andresen
Medical Director
GSK Denmark
Martin Vesterby
Doctor, Ph.d., Innovator

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