Introduction to Market Access

For commercial and Medical Affairs professionals on the Danish market.

  • 7. Sep 2021

1 day course


5.995,- DKK ex VAT
(app. 806,- EUR ex VAT)


Are you aware of how you can contribute to a successful Market Access effort? And do you know how your colleagues in Market Access support your work?

Successful Market Access work is essential for pharmaceutical companies to get products on the market. It requires a structured effort and contribution from the entire organisation. In this course, you gain an understanding of Market Access work, including the key external stakeholders, how you yourself can contribute to success, and how your Market Access colleagues can help you.

In order to be able to customise the course in the best possible way, we will send you a link before the course starts: We hope you will use it to send us 1-3 examples of typical issues/misunderstandings that you have experienced between you and your Market Access colleagues. Of course, your input will be 100% anonymous.


Key words

  • Danish market access
  • Health economy and clinical data
  • Pricing, reimbursement and negotiation
  • The Danish health care system
  • Internal stakeholder collaboration
  • Hands-on market access case work

Course calendar

Start 7. Sep 2021
Registration deadline 31. Aug 2021
7. Sep 20219:00 - 16:00
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø

What you will learn

  1. You will gain a deeper understanding of Market Access processes, the role of the health economics approach and key terms
  2. You obtain knowledge about key stakeholders in the Danish health care system such as the Danish Medicines Council, Amgros, the regional medicine councils, hospital management and head of hospital clinics, their focus and expectations towards pharma companies and consequences for Market Access work
  3. You gain insight into how knowledge from different departments in a company - and yourself as a colleague - can contribute to Market Access success in the Danish market
  4. You learn how your own work can benefit from help from your Market Access colleagues
  5. You follow a company's process towards getting a drug through a Medicines Council process
  6. You get an overview of the most important trends in the healthcare system and a discussion of how these trends affect the collaboration between public healthcare agencies and the pharmaceutical industry

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands the processes of Market Access work and the most important external stakeholders in the Danish healthcare system
  2. An employee who knows how he or she can support Market Access colleagues with knowledge from his/her daily work and relationship with stakeholders
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