Securing Market Uptake

Learn whom to talk to when, why and how

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27 - 28 Nov 2024

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Your drug has been recommended by the Danish Medicines Council – but how do you ensure that it reaches the patients who need it?

In order to ensure rapid and efficient clinical implementation, it is necessary to understand the processes, stakeholders, incentives, and barriers in the Danish hospital system.

In other words, ensuring patient access during the entire life cycle of the drug requires both planning and strategic effort.

On this two day course, you gain in-depth knowledge of how to work with patient access, including the most important barriers and activities you can initiate, and how you can optimise results throughout the drug's life cycle.

Other course participants say

"The information provided on the course is of great practical value including hands-on perspective from a number of important categories of stakeholders. So, well done!"

Kristian Ambeck, Customer Manager, Pfizer A/S. 

"Spot-on regarding Market Access work in Denmark!"

Peter Stefansson, Market Access Manager Scandinavia, Orion Pharma. 

"The course was a fantastic opportunity to learn and engage with different kinds of stakeholders in our healthcare environment."

Evy Skovhaur, External Affairs Manager, Novartis Healthcare A/S


    • Patient access

    • Drug life cycle

    • Market access

    • Field market access

    • Post launch activities

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    Course leader & lecturers

    • Thomas Bruun Kolbye
      Course leader
      Health System Partner / Market Access
      Roche A/S
    • Birgitte Klindt Poulsen
      Region Nordjylland
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    Is this course for you?

    Perhaps you work in a Commercial, Medical Affairs or Market Access role.  You work with implementation of recommendation or treatment guidelines on the Danish market.

    What you will learn   

    1. Common barriers and incentives for implementation and market uptake.
    2. The clinical implementation processes following the Medicines Council’s recommendation of a drug.
    3. How hospital management and clinical departments operate when implementing recommendations and guidelines.
    4. How a Danish region manages their medicine budget and medicine costs.
    5. How RWE projects and private-public partnerships can pave the way for patient access to your medicine.

        What your company will get   

        1. An employee, who understands the incentives and barriers in the process of implementing Medicines Council recommendations.
        2. An employee who understands the clinical implementation processes of a new drug recommended by the Danish Medicines Council.
        3. An employee who is cognizant about how hospitals and clinical departments work with recommendations and treatment guidelines.
        4. An employee who understands how a Danish region manages their medicine budget and costs.
        5. An employee who understands how RWE projects and private-public partnerships can pave the way for patient access to your medicine.

          Course calendar

          Starting 27 Nov 2024
          27 Nov 2024 9:00-16:00

          Day 1

          • Setting the scene: the recommendation from the Danish Medicines Council has come through and then what?
          • Field Market Access work
          • How ‘the system’ works in terms of implementation (market uptake)
          • Market Access based Real World Evidence (RWE) during a product’s lifecycle
          • Implementation at hospital level
            28 Nov 2024 9:00-16:00

            Day 2

            • Implementation at hospital ward level
            • The regional, economic perspective
            • Experience with private-public partnerships (PPPs) and private-public innovation (PPIs)
            • Walk and talk
            • Case work
              Practical information


              Registration deadline
              12 Nov 2024
              Lersø Parkallé 101
              2100 København Ø
              27 - 28 Nov
              Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

              Course information


              We recommend that you have attended the courses Introduction to Market Access and Cross-functional Market Access beforehand, if the Market Access field is new to you.


              There is no examination for this course, but the course is the third of 3 courses which give access to the Diploma exam in Market Access

              Read more about the Diploma in Market Access

              This course is a part of a diploma

              Diploma in Market Access

              Our Diploma in Market Access provides you with in-depth knowledge of the Danish healthcare system and its funding models and stakeholders. Raise your skill level in areas such as public affairs, stakeholder management and health economics by attending the four courses

              Read more

              Course leader

              Thomas Bruun Kolbye
              Health System Partner / Market Access
              Roche A/S


              Birgitte Klindt Poulsen
              Region Nordjylland

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