Understanding Healthcare Systems

Learn about different healthcare system paradigms, their institutions, stakeholders, and financing

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11 Sep 2024

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From ‘pill to patient’- who are the decision makers and stakeholders in the different healthcare systems?

At this 1-day course you get an introduction to the components of a healthcare system: how they work together, how planning is carried out, and how a healthcare system is managed, both in general and focusing on the financial part.

We cover the main differences between the US, Switzerland vs. Northern European healthcare systems from ‘pill to patient’ e.g.:

  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • How does financing prioritisation work?
  • What is the future outlook for the healthcare systems?

After this course, you will have a nuanced overview and understanding of the complexities, interdependencies, shortcomings, and opportunities of the different healthcare systems, which will accelerate your value creation in your daily work.

This course is especially beneficial for newcomers to pharma or healthcare industries.


  • Healthcare systems
  • Healthcare policy-making
  • Healthcare financing instruments
  • Healthcare stakeholders
  • The future of healthcare systems

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Course leader & lecturers

  • Simon Reuter
    Course leader
    Associate Director, MD, Ph.d.
    Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Marlene Gyldmark
    VP, Global Head Access Evidence and Non Executive Director, ISPOR
    Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Stefanie Jolak
    Global Value Strategy & Payer Engagement Manager
    Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Jes Søgaard
    Professor in Health Economics
    Syddansk Universitet
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Is this course for you?

The course is for you if you work in the public healthcare sector, governmental institutions, the life science industry, or associated entities and have a background in political science, social science, legal, IT & engineering, health science, or economy.

What you will learn

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of different types of healthcare systems, from their individual components, their interdependencies to the broader economic consequences.
  2. Learn about key challenges and opportunities facing today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare systems.
  3. Gain understanding of the healthcare incumbents’ priorities at the different levels (national, regional, and local).

    What your company will get

    1. An employee who understands the complexities of the healthcare system with a nuanced understanding of its various components, interdependencies and influencing factors.
    2. An employee who is not only knowledgeable, but also capable of driving positive change within the organisation.
    3. An employee who can engage in and influence the decision-making processes of the healthcare system’s external stakeholders.

      Course calendar

      11 Sep 2024 9:00-16:00
      • Introduction to a healthcare system: concepts and definitions.
      • Health policy: experience from the negotiation process between the Danish Government and the regions.
      • Planning and managing healthcare systems from a health economic perspective (Denmark and Switzerland).
      • The US healthcare system: introduction and key topics.
      • Examples of two different healthcare systems: US vs. Denmark – from pill to patient.
      • Future outlook on healthcare systems.
      Practical information


      Registration deadline
      28 Aug 2024
      Lersø Parkallé 101
      2100 København Ø
      11 Sep
      Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

      Course information


      Prior to the course you get access to mandatory and/or optional readings via your personal Atrium log-in.


      There is no examination for this course.

      Course leader

      Simon Reuter
      Associate Director, MD, Ph.d.
      Novo Nordisk A/S


      Marlene Gyldmark
      VP, Global Head Access Evidence and Non Executive Director, ISPOR
      Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
      Stefanie Jolak
      Global Value Strategy & Payer Engagement Manager
      Novo Nordisk A/S
      Jes Søgaard
      Professor in Health Economics
      Syddansk Universitet

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