E-learning: The Danish Pharmaceutical Industry's Promotional Code

Get to grips with the key aspects of promotional compliance

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Are you new to pharma in Denmark? Or is it time to test your knowledge about current ENLI (Ethical Committee for the Pharmaceutical industry) definitions and rules for promotion?

These industry rules apply to member companies of LIF and ENLI affiliated companies operating in Denmark.

After having completed this e-learning course – consisting of 7 chapters – you know the most important rules and guidelines that regulate pharmaceutical companies' promotion of prescription medicines as well as their interaction with healthcare professionals in Denmark.

The course is co-developed and reviewed by compliance experts from the Danish pharmaceutical industry.

You can access the 7 chapters whenever it is most convenient for you, even ‘on the go’ from your mobile or tablet. You can revisit specific topics or elements, whenever you want.

Other course participants say

Really good overview about important aspects of the Danish Promotional Code.”

 Nicola Detta, Business Unit Head Oncology, Merck A/S

“Good overview with concrete and realistic examples"

Pia Høj, Field Brand Manager, Gilead Sciences


  • ENLI
  • Danish Pharmaceutical Industry’s Promotional Code
  • Prescription medicinal products
  • Marketing Compliance
  • HCPs

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Course leader & lecturers

  • Maibritt Thoft-Christensen
    Course leader
    Head of Commercial Team

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Is this course for you?

The course is for everyone working in a pharmaceutical company operating on the Danish market for human medicine. It’s especially useful if your job is in a sales, marketing, or public affairs role and entails communication or interaction with HCPs.

What you will learn

  1. The key rules regulating interaction between pharma and healthcare professionals in Denmark.
  2. Why these promotional compliance rules are so important, and for whom, where, and when they apply.
  3. The most important promotional do’s and don’t activities towards healthcare professionals.
  4. Special issues regarding the use of digital media targeting healthcare professionals.

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands the key rules regulating interaction between pharma and HCPs in Denmark.
  2. An employee who understands why these rules exist and for whom, where, and when they apply.
  3. An employee who knows the most important promotional do’s and don’t activities towards HCPs.
  4. An employee who is aware of special issues regarding the use of digital media targeted at HCPs.
  5. An employee who knows where to find information when in doubt about the promotional rules and regulations.

Course agenda

Session 0
Content includes:
  • Chapter 1: Why do we need promotional compliance rules in pharma?
  • Chapter 2: Definitions and scope
  • Chapter 3: General requirements for promoting  medicinal products and interaction with HCPs
  • Chapter 4: Promotion of prescription medicinal products towards HCPs
  • Chapter 5: Use of digital and social media
  • Chapter 6: Interaction with HCPs
  • Chapter 7: Use of HCPs as consulting services
Practical information
Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

Course information

This course is a part of a diploma

Diploma in Marketing Compliance

Through the Diploma in Marketing Compliance, you will get an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations set by both the authorities and the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark and Europe, making you sharper and more effective in your daily work

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Course leader

Maibritt Thoft-Christensen
Head of Commercial Team

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