Diploma in Marketing Compliance

Understanding ethical standards in pharmaceutical marketing


Through the Diploma in Marketing Compliance, you will get an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations set by both the authorities and the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark and Europe, making you sharper and more effective in your daily work. You can design your own diploma by attending individual courses in whichever order you like.

This diploma consists of six courses. To earn the diploma in Marketing Compliance, you must attend the two compulsory courses and two elective courses within a two-year period, and pass the exam covering the content of the two compulsory courses.


There are no prerequisites or academic background requirements for you to be accepted into this programme. We encourage you to attend the compulsory courses before you attend the elective courses.


The exam will be based on real-life cases, where you will have 3 hours to analyse a case regarding interaction and/or advertising.

Also, from now on you only need to complete the two compulsory courses (Pharma Interaction + Pharma Advertising) in order to take the exam.

Exams are held twice a year in connection with the compulsory courses. We encourage you to take the exam in order to gain formal documentation for your ability to apply theory to real world issues.

Obligatoriske kurser
Pharma Advertising and Information (Basic)
Next course: 9 Mar 2023
Pharma Interaction (Basic) – Meeting and Training HCPs
Next course: 23 Mar 2023
Valgfri kurser (vælg to)
Promotional Compliance in the Nordics
Next course: 16 Nov 2023
Pharma Advertising and Interaction (Advanced)
Next course: 9 May 2023
Marketing Compliance: Digital Media
Next course: 23 May 2023
External stakeholders: Collaboration and Communication
Next course: 27 Apr 2023
Exam Marketing Compliance (Online)
Next course: 13 Apr 2023

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You can pay by credit card or by invoice. We charge the amount shortly after you register. If you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund. Read our cancellation policy.

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Yes, if you experience any technical problems, please call us at + 45 39 27 60 60, or send us an email at contact@atriumcph.com

What if I get sick and can’t attend?

If you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund. If you get sick and cannot attend the course, you may hand over the seat to a colleague, who will then have to register for the course on our website prior to course start. If the registration is closed, please send us full name, email, phone and title of your colleague to bfl@atriumcph.comRead our cancellation policy.

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