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MEET marianne

One of Atrium's strengths is the team that makes it happen. Here you can meet Marianne Puggaard Jensen, who is Educational Programme Leader. What is this? And what does Marianne’s background in pharma and the CRO-industry mean for your experience at Atrium’s continuing education?

Why is it exciting to work with education for the pharmaceutical industry?

"I find it exciting to meet many new, interesting people, who are professionally curious for the benefit of themselves and our society. This hinges on persistent continuing education and advancing oneself. Many years of leader experience have shown me the importance of my co-workers’ continuous development of their skills. That brings work pleasure and self-respect."

Why do you think it is important to educate yourself throughout your life?

"We live in a dynamic world. In order to benefit from outside progress and new opportunities, we must develop ourselves and upgrade our knowledge every single day throughout life. In that way we can become part of the dynamics, which solve challenges that seemed unsolvable just a few years back."

What do you think is the strength of exactly Atrium's courses?

"To participate in Atrium’s courses is to gain knowledge that is up to date, relevant and at a high professional level – something that contributes to daily job satisfaction. In addition to upgrading your professional level, you also extend your professional network: We plan our courses to provide participants time to network."