Mette Ribergaard Rasmussen

mette ribergaard

Meet Mette

One of Atrium's strengths is the team that makes it happen. Here you can meet Mette Ribergaard Rasmussen, who is Client Manager. What is that? And what difference does Mette's background in the pharma industry make for your experience at Atrium's courses?

Why do you think it is exciting to work with education for the life science sector?

"It gives me job satisfaction to be able to create a framework that enables other people’s development; to see them absorb knowledge and network with both teachers and fellow students. The fact that it is within the pharma industry makes it even more exciting, because it is an industry of great importance to society. We put a lot of effort into keeping abreast of industry trends, for example via steering groups and network groups, so we can develop new, relevant educational programs for the industry."

Why do you think it is important to educate yourself throughout your life?

"Continuing education is super important in the pharma industry. It is simply a necessity when it comes to developing new drugs and handling them. Becoming more proficient at what you do and seeking new knowledge is also a motivating factor in your daily work. It is a great pleasure to experience the change our students undergo during a course. I can tell they are strengthened, acquiring a greater understanding of their field of work and a belief that they return to their jobs better equipped – it gives them enthusiasm and confidence."

What do you think is the strength of exactly Atrium's courses?

"Two things. Firstly, the high professional level we have on all our courses. Lecturers at Atrium are the cream of the crop on an international scale: Knowledgeable and inspirational people who provide the right depth of teaching. And secondly, that we continuously adjust our courses to meet our students' needs and expectations. With us, you are not a random student - your education and your future success in the life science industry really matters to us. We want to assist your learning and career opportunities, by providing you with knowledge and tools you can use in your everyday work life."