Christina Spangsberg


Meet Christina

One of Atrium's strengths is the team that makes it happen. Meet our Client Manager, Christina Spangsberg. Her background in meeting and conference organising makes a difference to your experience at Atrium’s courses.

Why do you think it is exciting to work with education for the life science sector?

"We feel the dedication and enthusiasm of our course participants very clearly and that is “infectious” – in the best possible sense – for us working behind the scenes with multiple courses. I’m motivated by being part of the planning process from A to Z, and it’s a pleasure to recognize and welcome returning course participants."

Why do you think it is important to educate yourself throughout your life?

"Continued education is important, because it not only increases your competencies but also motivation and job satisfaction. You’re challenged to develop your way of thinking, and education “vitamins” increase innovation.

What do you think is the strength of exactly Atrium's courses?

"Our courses are carefully planned and always taught by skilled and inspiring lecturers. We have a vast network of high-profile educators, and our continuous collaboration with industry representatives ensure that we are aware of current topics and trends. We deliver a strong product, and we’re really proud of it."