Sysser Agergaard


Meet Sysser

One of Atrium’s strengths is the team that makes it happen. Here you meet Sysser Agergaard Ærtebjerg who is Managing Director.

Why do you think it is exciting to work with education for the life science sector?

"Working with continued education for life science sector is particularly exciting as this industry helps counteract and cure diseases that affect both individuals and society. The industry and its eco system are constantly evolving, e.g. developing new drugs as well as how drugs are approved, produced, priced, prescribed, sold, used and monitored.

At Atrium, we follow this development and provide knowledge and continued education to e.g. pharmaceutical companies so employees in the industry have the right competencies to ensure continued success. It’s incredibly interesting and captivating to be close to this loop – and ultimately to contribute to an important development of Danish society in which the raw material for joint success is human beings with the right skills."

Why do you think it is important to develop Atrium’s offers for life science organisations?

"Atrium’s purpose is to create value for companies in life science, including both public institutions and companies in the industry. We create interesting, continued education both for the experienced specialist and for those who have just become acquainted with the industry. As the pharmaceutical industry is such an evidence-based sector, it is a necessity to keep up with new findings, processes, regulations etc. in order to be able to perform with success.

At the same time, the industry and its conditions are experiencing extensive development, e.g. caused by converging industries, technologies, and stakeholders from other areas in the life science ecosystem. Atrium, therefore, has a responsibility to monitor the industry’s development and on that basis develop courses that offer our participants what they need – now and in the future. We want to create an educational environment that supports the desire to be curious, to acquire new knowledge, become more skilled and keep up to date with the latest knowledge from the industry. Another important factor for Atrium is to help stakeholders in the life science sector create an interesting workplace for the younger generations, who are needed to ensure continued development in the industry."

What do you think is the strength of Atrium’s position?

"At Atrium, it’s possible to think big and long-term, because we have a legacy, experience and an extensive network of professional experts, course leaders and educators. It is on this basis we develop partnerships across the Nordic region, offer company-specific courses, and expand our portfolio of courses offered together with universities and other providers of higher education.

At Atrium, we draw on particularly skilled experts from Lif , industry, authorities, universities, law firms, etc. both in Denmark and abroad. This network helps to ensure that we have the most skilled experts who convey the latest knowledge to our many course participants. In essence, Atrium forms a link and gathering point for people working in the life science sector. And therefore, we can provide the right, relevant knowledge based on our understanding of our course participants, broad network and deep industry insights."