Sysser Agergaard


MEET sysser

One of Atrium’s strengths is the team that makes it happen. Here you meet Sysser Agergaard Ærtebjerg who is responsible for Business Development.

Why do you think it is exciting to work with business development within life science?

"It is exciting because it is an industry, which has the muscles to really make a difference. At the same time, it is an industry that is starting to open up to new types of collaboration across public, private and knowledge stakeholders.

On the one hand, we’re talking about extremely well-consolidated companies. On the other hand, these types of companies often find it difficult to change their modus operandum. They are innovative and creative, but the structure necessary for long process chains does not necessarily promote ongoing business changes. "

Why do you think it is important to develop Atrium’s offers for life science organisations?

"In Atrium we’re here to create value for companies within the life science area including both public and pharma related companies. The interaction between the stakeholders have potential high value for themselves as well as Danish society at large, as they shape the health services of the future. Another important factor for life science stakeholders is how to become and remain an interesting workplace for the younger generations. Atrium wants to support the them in all this and more and continuously develop our business to do just that."

What do you think is the strength of Atrium’s position?

"Atrium has the legacy, the experience and the foundation of clients, which makes it possible to think big and think ahead. We know what our clients want – and what they need, and we have the platform to launch it."