March 2021

Back to school?

Several of Atrium's course participants have been there before. They prioritise access to the most recent knowledge and know that a day in school is a good investment in the best solution to their tasks.

When Sanna Rockström recently attended the course ”Promotional Compliance in the Nordics”, it wasn’t her first time. When she sees a course where all elements match her fields of work, it’s easy to make the decision to attend. Even if she attended the same course two years previously.


Supplements sparring during a normal day at the office with courses

Sanna Rockström works as the Compliance and Medical Information Officer within Janssen Sweden part of Johnson & Johnson and manages part of the medical and promotional issues regarding the Finnish market. Continuous sparring with colleagues is of great value, but it sometimes needs to be supplemented with formalised updates within new trends and rules.

“We have a Nordic team and discuss everything across the Nordics. But for me to stay on top of things, it’s also important to get the latest background information and input directly from the Pharma Industry Organizations. It’s a good boost and adds value to my daily work”, Sanna Rockström explains.


Benefits of in-person and virtual meetings

Sanna Rockström has attended the in-person as well as the virtual version of the course. According to her experience, meeting in person is good for networking, but the content and process of the virtual variant fully matches the in-person course.

“It was very well organised and very interactive. I liked the way polls, tests, summaries and the chat function were used. There was never a dull moment, and time literally flew by. There were short breaks during the day with physical activities to acknowledge the fact that we were all at home in front of our screens. That helped me stay alert and motivated throughout the day”, Sanna Rockström explains.


Important takeaways that make an instant difference back at the office

Good presentations and relevant discussions at the course contributed to Sanna Rockström being able to directly use the new knowledge in immediate continuation of the course.

“Every topic was spot on and has come up in my daily work afterwards. I’ve used it directly with my colleagues and have been able to bring new knowledge and different perspectives into our conversations”, Sanna Rockström explains.


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