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December 2023

Do you actively strengthen your network?

By: Sysser Agergaard Ærtebjerg, Director, Atrium

In today's career landscape, one quality consistently sets apart those who manage to progress throughout their professional lives: their unwavering dedication to networking. Keeping your feelers out is crucial in paving the way for many of the opportunities that arise in your career.

Why is it important to strengthen your network?

Having a strong network is important for continually expanding your professional horizon and challenging yourself and others. It fertilizes the ground for development – both in your personal and professional endeavours.

A professional network can also help you understand industry trends and keep you informed about market shifts and what's happening in your field. Additionally, it's important to know your market value, achievable only by staying abreast of developments within your industry.

How do you get started?

If you're serious about expanding your network, joining a networking group could be a great idea. At Atrium, we have various networks.

These groups gather regularly, allowing members to form a tight-knit community, discussing various topics in a confidential space.

Each meeting focuses on a professional topic, offering fresh perspectives and enhancing your overall knowledge, always guided by an expert moderator. This way, a networking group is a great way to gain a broader understanding of your professional direction.

A course is also a form of networking

At Atrium, you can enhance and build your network both through participating in a networking group and by attending courses.

A course is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills alongside like-minded individuals, to gain different perspectives on your field, and to stay updated on the latest knowledge and insights which may not come up during office lunch discussions.

By bringing together people from diverse departments and companies, knowledge sharing becomes possible – and due to a shared goal, our experience shows that course participants become a closely-knit group often staying in contact.

Atrium: Where People Connect

Atrium is owned by the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, itself owned by its members – ultimately meaning that we're owned by our customers.

Whether you attend a course or a networking group at Atrium, you can expect to leave with updated knowledge and relevant insights. Both our courses and network meetings are developed in close collaboration with industry and academia, ensuring you're updated on both theoretical and practical insights.