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September 2023

How do you convince your boss?

”Hi boss! I want to attend a course.” Finding it difficult to say these words? Or would you like a handful of arguments to convince your boss that you need to attend the course of your dreams? Then read on to get some inspiration on how to convince him/her. 

We asked Louise Nielsen (Head of Department in Kalundborg Kommune) what arguments usually make her dive into the cash box and send an employee on a course.

“I become more motivated.”

Your boss is guaranteed to value employee satisfaction highly, as happy, and motivated employees are generally more productive – and this energy reflects on the team. Therefore, your motivation to learn new things is crucial for a positive work culture.

“I strengthen my competencies in the core tasks I am employed to solve.”

When you develop your core competencies, you contribute to a more efficient working environment. This keeps your business competitive.

“When attending a course, I receive the newest insights within my area of work.”

At Atrium's courses, the latest knowledge is always the core, be it about research, legislation, best practice, or toolboxes. Your new ideas and innovation make a difference.

"I can acquire knowledge that makes me more independent."

When you develop your skills, you also get a confidence boost, which, among other things, allows you to better structure and run processes. Your boss will definitely appreciate that.

With these arguments, you’ve probably already convinced your boss that you should go on your dream course – but what about getting a colleague on board?

  • “Sharing is caring.”

    If two employees attend the same course, there is a greater chance that the acquired knowledge will be implemented in the company. The two colleagues can share their experience with each other about the outcomes of the course and become a resource for each other. That partnership is invaluable to your boss.

    At Atrium, we experience the benefits of colleagues being able to go on the same course on a daily basis. That is why we often offer a 2for1 price on several courses – it is the chance for you to share the learning experience with a colleague without your boss having to make more room in the budget.

Filled with good arguments, you can now sit down with your boss and suggest your dream course. Explore your options here: Pharma training courses. 

Want to know how you get the most value from your time and effort on a course?  Here is what you can do before, during and after a course to maximise your ‘Return on Education’ and how we “nudge” you along the way.