November 2021

5 ways to stay relevant and up-to-date in life science

How do you actively keep your knowledge and skills current as a life science professional?

Staying up-to-date in life science can seem overwhelming, but need not be complicated. Choose actively where to focus and take a structured approach. And most importantly: better to get started on baby steps, than procrastinating.

Here are 5 ways to keep your competences and knowledge up to date – add one activity to your calendar already today.

1. Invest in your existing professional relationships

Make it a habit to meet with people in your existing network regularly. Prioritise the people you already know. Engaging in conversation with professional peers keeps you on your toes. Surely, more than one of your LinkedIn connections are worth a visit: why not send them a message today? It’ll take just 5 minutes and set you off in an inspiring direction.

2. Prioritise extending your network

Join an established networking group relevant for your job role or attend professional events where you’ll meet people who share your passion for life science. Keeping an eye on the events calendar for the Life Science House could be a place to start – and an icebreaker conversation topic could be: “What are your strategies for staying up-to-date?”

3. Take relevant professional courses

Attend professional development courses to improve your skills and upscale your competences in life science. Keeping an eye on topics of new courses, instructor bios and courses syllabi can give you an idea about what is trending and ease your decision making.

4. Structure your use of online resources

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information available online. Make it easy on yourself and subscribe to a limited set of online resources – blogs, life science media, organizations etc. – that you know to be valuable. Then make it a priority to actually read them: for example, book 15 minutes in your calendar twice a week, just to read.

5. Follow thought leaders online

Who sets the scene within your area of expertise? Pick a few people you feel inspired by and who have an impact on where things are headed. Check their online activities regularly and join the conversation – it’ll feel natural once you get started.

Get started already today

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5 ways to stay relevant

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