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January 2024

5 myths about continued education: Is it actually useful?

Are you unsure about the value of investing time and resources in continued education and courses? We address some of the concerns we hear from time to time. (Spoiler alert: Yes, it's true—your continued education is crucial, especially in the pharmaceutical industry ).

(1) "Continued education is too time-consuming."

It's true that continued education requires time and commitment. But let's look at it from a different perspective: the gain is improved skills, updated knowledge, and opportunities for promotion or a new job. In the pharmaceutical industry where technology, regulations, and science are constantly evolving, continued education can be crucial for staying competitive and relevant.

(2) "I have extensive experience and know what I need to know; courses will not add value."

While experience is invaluable, continued education can complement and enhance it. Courses provide insights into the latest methods, trends, and technologies in pharmaceutical research and development. This can help optimise processes, improve outcomes, and open doors to new opportunities, even for experienced professionals.

(3) "Courses are too expensive."

Yes, quality continued education comes at a cost. But it's important to see it as an investment in your career—and in your company's success. It's definitely a win-win situation for both employee and company when skills grow. Read our guide on how to convince your boss to spend money on your professional development. 

(4) "I don't have time to attend courses; I'm already too busy at work."

Juggling work and further education require some planning, but most workplaces are supportive if you need to tear out a few days from your schedule—especially if planned well in advance. That's why most of our courses are scheduled a year ahead. If you don't have the opportunity to take multi-day courses, a one-day course can also provide a kick of inspiration, new tools, or insights into significant trends affecting your area.

(5) "Further education won't benefit my career."

Let's be honest: a course doesn't guarantee a promotion at your current job or your dream job elsewhere. On the other hand, updated knowledge helps you stand out. In the pharmaceutical industry, where innovation and knowledge are crucial, updated skills and insights often make the difference between being competitive or falling behind. Furthermore, having continued education on your CV demonstrates your interest in self-improvement. Finally, don't underestimate the network you build with peers during courses.

Cherry on top

Continued education is not just an investment in your professional development, but also in the future of the industry. By constantly improving skills and knowledge, it's possible to contribute to innovation and advancement in the pharmaceutical industry.

At Atrium, we advise life science professionals on the right professional development for them. We offer over 80 course options and networks, updating approximately 2,500 participants each year with the latest knowledge, led by carefully selected expert lecturers. We collect happy participants—hear more from them here.