Promotional Compliance in the Nordics

Differences and similarities in pharmaceutical marketing compliance in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark

16. Nov 2023

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Even though the Nordic countries are similar in many ways, there are significant differences when it comes to pharmaceutical marketing compliance guidelines.

At this Nordic Compliance Seminar, we clarify the most important differences and alleviate uncertainties that compliance professionals come across when working in the Nordic region and interacting with healthcare professionals.

The course includes topics like:

  • Ethics Committees’ role in pharmaceutical compliance in the Nordics.
  • Digital/virtual promotional and non-promotional communication targeted healthcare professionals (HCPs).
  • Meetings, events and other interactions with HCPs.
  • Pharmaceutical advertising: differences between the Nordic countries.

To gain the greatest benefits from the course, we recommend that you take this e-learning course “The Danish Pharmaceutical Industry's Promotional Code” in advance.


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Course leader(s) & Lecturer(s)

  • Rikke Bækgaard Thomassen
    Course leader
  • Kjartan Bjerre-Christensen
    Pendicon Pharma & Healthcare
  • Jaakko Laurila
    Senior advisor
    Pharma Industry Finland
  • Marcus Unell
    Compliance Officer
    Lif Sweden
  • Lars Alnæs
    Head of Secretariat
    Legemiddelindustriforeningen LMI
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This course is for you, if you have Nordic responsibility/involvement in creation and review of physical and digital promotional and non-promotional material and activities/events. Your function is e.g. brand manager, medical advisor/MSL, market access manager, sales manager, or compliance officer. To gain full benefit of the course, basic knowledge of and experience with compliance rules of at least one Nordic country is recommended.

What you will learn 

  1. The latest interpretation of cross-Nordic rules on high profile promotional activities and events
  2. The differences between the national Rules for Promotion of Medicinal Products towards Healthcare Professionals in the Nordic countries
  3. How to overcome differences and uncertainties when you work across the Nordic region

    What your company will get 

    1. An employee who knows the role and functions of the national ethical committees or ethical bodies regulating the national codes and guidelines in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark
    2. An employee who is up to speed on the latest information concerning market compliance in the Nordic countries
    3. An employee who is capable of advising colleagues on similarities and differences between the Nordic countries with respect to communicating with healthcare professionals

      Course calendar

      16 Nov 2023 9:00-16:00

      DAY 1

      • Welcome and learning objectives
      • Virtual meetings
      • Social media
      • International congresses: exhibitions incl. pre-launch activities
      • Documentation and claims
      • Cases & Sanctions
      • Trends in the Nordics countries
      • Q&A and wrap-up
      Practical information


      Registration deadline
      15 Nov 2023
      Lersø Parkallé 101
      2100 København Ø
      16 Nov
      Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

      Course information


      The overview and Q&A on Nordic rules developed jointly by the Ethical Committees of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Available from


      Basic knowledge and experience with the compliance rules in at least one of the Nordic countries is recommended.


      There is no examination for this course. 

      This course is a part of a diploma

      Diploma in Marketing Compliance

      Through the Diploma in Marketing Compliance, you will get an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations set by both the authorities and the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark and Europe, making you sharper and more effective in your daily work

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      Course leader(s)

      Rikke Bækgaard Thomassen


      Kjartan Bjerre-Christensen
      Pendicon Pharma & Healthcare
      Jaakko Laurila
      Senior advisor
      Pharma Industry Finland
      Marcus Unell
      Compliance Officer
      Lif Sweden
      Lars Alnæs
      Head of Secretariat
      Legemiddelindustriforeningen LMI

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