January 2021

A new meeting place for strengthened collaboration in the life science environment 

With the brand-new Life Science House on Østerbro in Copenhagen, the organisations at Lersø Parkallé 101 sets the stage for innovation and co-creation. The Life Science House is a meeting place for stakeholders across the life science and the healthcare ecosystems, and the goal is to strengthen a sector fundamental in creating better health for more people.

Foresighted health solutions do not materialise in a vacuum. Innovation and collaboration are the way forward, and the healthcare solutions of the future will be developed in an interplay between public institutions, the life science industry (pharma, biotech, medico, and tech/eHealth), the start-up environment and knowledge institutions. Co-creation requires places to meet, and therefore the companies located at Lersø Parkallé 101 (Lif, Atrium, Medicin.dk, DLIMI and others) have initiated the new Life Science House.

“Life science is a beacon for Denmark and important for Denmark’s future when it comes to exports and investments. That position comes with obligations, and we as an industry association have now created the setting for collaboration across life science and the entire healthcare ecosystem. The Life Science House’s opening is only the beginning. Value creation takes place in networking, when individuals and organisations meet and use the house. We all have a responsibility in this, and my message is clear: Use the Life Science House!” encourages Peter Drøidal, Country Manager for Novartis and chairman of the board of Lif.

New angles and challenging perspectives

The need to define the healthcare ecosystem more broadly that before will, among other things, guide the role of the new Life Science House. Personal health is a megatrend, and technology continues to evolve exponentially. These are just some of the conditions that challenge the familiar and call for curiosity and knowledge sharing outside one’s own areas.

“We aim to bring together stakeholders from the entire healthcare ecosystem for conferences, special events, and afternoon briefings, where important themes, new angles and challenging perspectives are brought into play. Many ideas are currently on the drafting board, and we welcome ideas. The house is meant for active use, and in addition to providing the framework, we are happy to be a sparring partner for stakeholders about agendas, keynote speakers, format and meeting practicalities”, says Sysser Agergaard Ærtebjerg, Team Lead Business Development at Atrium, who is in charge of developing the Life Science House.

Modern meeting facilities with a little extra

The house at Lersø Parkallé is already familiar to many people and has recently undergone extensive renovations so that today it meets all requirements for conducting professional meetings and conferences. Tasteful facilities ensure a pleasant setting for breaks, informal meetings and work in-between meetings. Meeting rooms and auditorium can be booked by contacting Atrium.   

“The Life Science House offers much more than a good lunch, nice meeting facilities, and a projector that works. Everything is top-notch, and in addition we now offer a place where you join a community of people who are as passionate as you about creating the best healthcare solutions for the future and about securing Denmark’s position as a market leader in the field of life sciences. That will surely create some very special opportunities”, says Sysser Agergaard Ærtebjerg.

Valuable to meet across professional fields

When physical meeting again become possible, many stakeholders are expected to see the value in gathering with other healthcare experts and enthusiasts. The first opportunities are already scheduled. For example, on 23 September Atrium in collaboration with NIRAS invites you to a conference on The UN’s sustainability goals in everyday life in life science.

To Michael Møller, Marketing Manager at NIRAS, the new house creates many opportunities: ”Together we can create a culture of responsiveness and interest across professional fields; a place to acquire new knowledge and inspiration. With the UN Sustainable Goals conference, we link health and sustainability. By hosting the conference in the new Life Science House, we also contribute to the vision of strengthening and developing the network approach that is so important if Denmark is to keep on creating better healthcare for more people in the future. That, I believe, is important. We need to get out of our individual meeting rooms and gather across professional fields. That is now possible in the new Life Science House”, says Michael Møller.     

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