Pharma Business Programme

Get an all-round understanding of pharmaceutical business decisions: From identifying USPs and accessing markets to managing brands and sales in the digital age


The Pharma Business Programme provides you with a cross-functional and contemporary commercial understanding of the pharmaceutical market and how strategic insights and methods can be used in market access, product management, marketing and sales.

The aim of the program is to give you a solid introduction to the cornerstones of the pharma industry’s commercial activities in a digital and global age. As a whole, the four courses in our Pharma Business Programme seek to integrate and align commercial activities across different departments and functions – medical, market access, marketing, sales, product and brand management. In its own right, each course provides you with an in-depth introduction to a specific commercial discipline.

The programme is based on a combination of professional, problem-oriented, interdisciplinary approaches and is organized to give you a combination of hands-on skills and professional reflection. It is modular and invites you to work with real issues. Each module is an independent subject, aiming to provide you with a whole range of professional qualifications within a timeframe of two days. In total, the four seminars will provide you with a basic understanding of contemporary pharma business.


Clinical studies and RWE
Data and digitalization
Market access
Marketing and sales
Product and brand management

Target group and Prerequisites

To be eligible for the programme, you must have at least one year’s experience from working in the pharmaceutical industry or have taken the Pharma Consultant course 'Understanding Pharma'.

The Pharma Business Programme is relevant to anyone already involved in making pharmaceutical business decisions or anyone considering a prospective career as a product manager, brand manager, sales or marketing director in the pharmaceutical industry.

This programme is also relevant for people working in these functions who are interested in keeping up to date with changes in the pharmaceutical market and the health care sector and how these changes influence pharmaceutical commercial strategies.


After completing all four courses of the Pharma Business Programme, you may take the exam covering all four courses. When passing the exam you obtain the Pharma Business Diploma.

The exam is a written take-home assignment in which you are required to demonstrate that you have understood and are able to use actively what you have been taught in the four Pharma Business Programme courses. You have three weeks to finish your assignment.

Compulsory courses
Using Evidence
Next course: 7. Dec 2021
Sales Intelligence
Next course: 28. Sep 2022
Agile Fundamentals and the Scrum Framework
Next course: 10. Nov 2021
Market Access Today and Tomorrow
Next course: 1. Dec 2021

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You can pay by credit card or by invoice. We charge the amount shortly after you register. If you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund. Read our cancellation policy.

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If you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund. If you get sick and cannot attend the course, you may hand over the seat to a colleague, who will then have to register for the course on our website prior to course start. If the registration is closed, please send us full name, email, phone and title of your colleague to bfl@atriumcph.comRead our cancellation policy.


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