Tailored courses

Get access to the information you need

June 2017

We do tailored courses

All companies experience different obstacles and sometimes you need a unique solution to overcome them. We can help you find out how your company get access to the information that will help you go forward.

Tailored courses offer the opportunity to tackle some very specific issues in your organization and it is a great way to strengthen collaboration between departments and to establish a common understanding of issues.

Our broad knowledge of the life science industry and our wide network of experts and experienced trainers enables us to tailor the courses that meet your needs. We always take the time to understand what course you need and discuss how the training should be conducted.  

We offer tailored courses in: 

Clinical development
Regulatory affairs
Sales and marketing
Medical market access
Marketing compliance

If you would like to request a tailored course please contact the programme director in your area of interest. 

We look forward to starting the dialogue!