A clinical project management programme for professionals in clinical development

Managing and leading a clinical development project is complex and it requires that you have a specialized understanding of project management in a clinical research setting. Successful clinical project management can help reduce delays, errors and unnecessary work flows and in the end save resources for everyone involved in the project. 

The Clinical Project Management Programme have been developed as a collaboration between IMPLEMENT Learning Institute and a team of internationally renowned clinical development experts from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations and the academia to ensure a relevant and practice oriented training programme for professionals involved in clinical trials.

The programme consists of two modules that cover key stages of a clinical development project.

Module 1: Manage your Project

In this module you will learn about the methods for successful management of a clinical development project and tools for planning and follow-up that maximize the efficiency and success of your project.

Module 2: Lead your Project Team

In this module you will learn how you make good use of the project team’s knowledge, experiences and opinions in a beneficial process that is both well thought out and well-managed.
To obtain a Diploma in Clinical Project Management you must pass the exam of Module 2.

  • Stakeholder management
  • Clinical project management
  • Generic project management toolbox (tools and techniques)
  • Project timelines and budgets
  • Project risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Development of the project team
  • Leadership styles
  • Staging and design of workshops and meetings including steering committee meetings
  • Leadership in practice
  • Execution of steering committee meetings and project presentations


This programme is relevant for professionals in clinical research and development from sponsor/CRO or academia/site, who are involved in clinical development projects (e.g. clinical trials projects, product development, R&D projects and late-stage projects) and want to improve their project management skills.


Module 1: To enroll this course you must have a relevant educational background at bachelor level and, as a minimum, 6-12 months of experience in clinical project management or other equivalent qualifications. We assess all applications upon registration.

If you do not fulfil the requirements, you can still apply for the course if you have experience in the clinical project management area that qualifies you to benefit from the training and enables you to participate actively during the module. We accept that up to 10 % of the seats are taken by applicants who have no or very limited experience in clinical project management. We consider applicants on a case-by-case basis.

Clinical Project Management - Manage your Project (Module 1)
Next course: 30 Jan 2023
Clinical Project Management – Lead your Project Team (Module 2)
Next course: 17 Apr 2023

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