Understand the QALY method

How quality-adjusted life years can be used to value health

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HTAs in many countries use QALYs (quality-adjusted life years) when assessing the relationship between cost and effect of new medicines for their respective markets. Would you like to get an understanding of how quality-adjusted life years can be used to value health?

This introductory and highly relevant online course brings you insights into how QALYs and economic evaluation support the national HTAs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in their decision making. You also learn how to incorporate economic modelling techniques using QALYs into your health economic evaluations in your Market Access application process for new medicines.

The course is conducted in collaboration with leading Health Economists from York Health Economic Consortium, Great Britain.


"The course gave good insights into what QALY is and how it is calculated and used."

Key words

  • QALY
  • Health economics
  • Market access
  • HTAs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden


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  • Head of Market Access
  • Market Access specialists
  • Medical Advisors
  • Pharmaceutical sales and marketing representatives

What you will learn

  1. The principle of economic evaluation and decision making in healthcare using quality-adjusted life years
  2. How to use economic modelling techniques to aid decision making in healthcare
  3. Practical examples of using cost-utility analyses that enable you to explain the use of QALY

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands how and why health technology assessment (HTA) agencies make decisions
  2. An employee who understands how quality-adjusted life years can be used to value healthh care
  3. An employee who understands how economic modeling techniques using quality-adjusted life years can be used in health care decision making
  4. An employee who can identify strengths and weaknesses in the use of QALYs

Course information


Prior to the course you will get access to mandatory and optional readings via your personal Atrium log-in.

Please familiarize yourself with the mandatory readings before starting the course.


There is no exam for this course. 

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