Understand the QALY method - just as well as the Danish Medicines Council

  • 10. Nov 2020
  • 26. Jan 2021

3 days course


15.800,- DKK ex VAT
(app. 2.124,- EUR ex VAT)


Are you ready to incorporate QALYs as part of your application to the Danish Medicines Council? From January 1st, 2021, the Danish Medicines Council is planning to apply QALYs (Quality- adjusted life years) when they assess the relationship between cost and effect of new medicines for the Danish market.

This introductory and highly relevant online course brings you insights into how QALYs and economic evaluation support the Danish Medicine Council’s healthcare decision making and how you can incorporate economic modeling techniques using QALYs into your health economic evaluations for new medicines.

The course is conducted in collaboration with leading Health Economists from York Health Economic Consortium that also conducted the same course for The Danish Medicines Council


Key words

  • QALY
  • Health economics
  • Market access
  • Danish Medicines Council

Course calendar

Start 10. Nov 2020
10. Nov 2020
11. Nov 2020
12. Nov 2020
Registration deadline 10. Nov 2020
Start 26. Jan 2021
26. Jan 2021
27. Jan 2021
28. Jan 2021
Registration deadline 26. Jan 2021

What you will learn

  1. Head of Market Access for the Danish market
  2. Market Access specialists
  3. Medical Advisors
  4. Pharmaceutical sales and marketing representatives

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands how and why health technology assessment (HTA) agencies make decisions
  2. An employee who understands how to use economic modelling techniques to aid decision making in health care
  3. An employee who understands practical examples of using cost-utility analyses that enable you to explain the use of QALY
  4. An employee who can identify strengths and weaknesses in the use of QALYs
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