Top executive in life science on social media

Use your personal voice as top executive effectively on social media

  • 22. Mar 2021

1 day event


3.750,- DKK ex VAT
(app. 504,- EUR ex VAT)


Competition among life science companies to get the attention of HCPs, politicians and other decision makers is fierce. So is the competition to attract the most talented employees. This increases the demand for top executives to let their voices be heard in the public space on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

At this hot topic seminar, you learn how to be present on social media, e.g. by hearing about other top executives’ experiences and results.

The online course is aimed at top executives, heads of departments and those employees who support leaders in their internal and external communication.

The online seminar is recorded, and afterwards you receive a personal link to the recording, which is available for 30 days.

Key words

  • Top executive communication
  • Social media and strategy
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Public Affairs
  • External affairs

Course calendar

Start 22. Mar 2021
Registration deadline 22. Mar 2021
22. Mar 20219:00 - 12:00
Online format

What you will learn

  1. You get insights into how you, as an executive, can use social media to achieve business results.
  2. You get a how-to guide to working with LinkedIn and Twitter in communication and stakeholder management, so you can communicate directly or support others in their communication.
  3. You learn how Julie Enevold Brooker (Country Manager, Janssen) and Thomas Senderovitz (Director, Danish Medicines Agency) use social media professionally to create and strengthen relations and to communicate in a personal way, supporting their organisations’ position and goals.
  4. Troels Johannesen, strategic communication advisor and author of the book ’Del dig stærkere’ about top executives on social media
  5. You get up-to-date guidance on how to deal with compliance challenges related to life science companies’ communication on social media.

What your company will get

  1. An executive who understands the possibilities of social media for strengthening the company’s internal and external communication and stakeholder management.
  2. An executive who masters the use of social media in the pursuit of business objectives.
  3. An executive knowledgeable about other life science executives’ use of social media.
  4. An executive who can brief others on developing a relevant social media strategy for the company’s top managers.
  5. An executive who knows how to handle the special compliance issues related to life science companies’ communication on social media.
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