The UN Sustainable Development Goals – A sustainable healthcare sector

How to implement the UN SDGs in your daily practice in your healthcare sector

  • 23. Sep 2021

1 day event


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Are the SDGs the way to implement new solutions in the healthcare sector? And can you incorporate the goals into your daily practice, so the ideals become realisable and concrete?

These are important issues for everyone in the healthcare sector, whether you are a healthcare professional, decision-maker or work in the private sector developing the healthcare solutions of the future.

At the conference, we have invited inspiring speakers to give their views on the issues, and you can discuss, among other things:

  • How do we move forward with prevention rather than treatment?

  • What is the most effective way to introduce new treatments?

  • How do we increase focus on sustainability in operations, both for procurement, technology, buildings and logistics?

  • What does it take to develop healthcare solutions that create more equality in access to the best services?

  • Is the answer shifting the responsibility for health to the patient in the form of self-monitoring?

Receive good advice on how you can work with the SDGs yourself – and enjoy the opportunity to network.

Key words

  • SDG
  • UN’s Development Goals
  • Sustainability
  • Healthcare sector
  • Life science

Course calendar

Start 23. Sep 2021
Registration deadline 17. Sep 2021
23. Sep 20219:00 - 16:00
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø

is this event for you?

The conference is for you if are a decision-maker and/or leader in the healthcare system, e.g. in a region, a municipality or a hospital, or if you are a decision-maker in a life science company or in a consulting company focusing on sustainability.


  1. Elisabeth Gammelgaard Ludvig, Owner, SundhedsAgenda
  2. Martin Lidegaard, MF, former Minister, Radikale Venstre
  3. CEO Mogens Kornbo, Centre for Real Estate, Capital Region of Denmark
  4. Ida Sofie Jensen, President and CEO, Lif
  5. Astrid Berg, Head of Department, NIRAS
  6. Christian Graversen, Country Manager Digital, Siemens Healthineers
  7. Katrine Schjøning, Head of Public Health, Copenhagen Municipality
  8. Thomas Kolbye, Partner, Carve Consulting P/S
  9. Michael Møller, Marketing Manager, Hospitals/Healthcare, NIRAS
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