Rethinking the future of Medical Affairs

Adapt to the new pharmaceutical landscape focusing on innovation and cross-functional collaboration

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2 days course


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Do you have what it takes to be successful in Medical Affairs?

In the midst of rapid change, the Medical Affairs role faces multiple opportunities. The capability to generate relevant research and clinical data and provide meaningful interpretations to demonstrate patient value in real-life settings is in higher demand than ever.

As a result, new skills and competences are required of Medical Affairs professionals who – and at the same time Medical Affairs is invited to play a more strategic role.

Is your organisation geared towards the changes ahead? What are the future must-wins for Medical Affairs?

This course will strengthen your strategic thinking within Medical Affairs and thus enable you to contribute innovatively to the company´s success in today´s evolving life science environment.

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Key words

  • Medical Affairs
  • Data science
  • Real world evidence (RWE)
  • Medical impact
  • Medical Manager
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If you work in Medical Affairs either in a global or local function, this course will give you new perspectives on development opportunities within your area of expertise.

You will also benefit from attending the course if you consider pursuing a career in Medical Affairs or if you have a general interest in understanding how Medical Affairs will affect the development of life science in the future.

What you will learn

  1. Key deliverables and competences needed to master the Medical Affairs role in a global and affiliate perspective
  2. Understand key stakeholder expectations, internally as well as externally
  3. Understand the new, innovative role of the Medical Affairs function, and how it can work cross-functionally internally – and with high impact externally
  4. Improve your ability to prioritise Medical Affairs focus areas
  5. Build networks with colleagues in other Nordic pharma and biotech companies specifically addressing today´s needs for innovative thinking and clinically relevant projects

What your company will get

  1. An employee who is updated on today's principles of successful and innovative Medical Affairs deliverables
  2. An employee who is familiar with the competency needs of both global and local Medical Affairs functions
  3. Improved understanding of specific project types that may lead to improved patient outcomes in future projects

Course information


Please download and read McKinsey’s whitepaper “A vision for

Medical Affairs in 2025”. You can find it here


Basic understanding of pharmaceutical or biotech companies is recommended.


There is no examination in this course.

This course is a part of this programme

Pharma Consultant Programme

Design a medical training programme that fits your professional interests. Relevant if you work with or advice on drugs, maybe as a professional in sales and marketing, market access or public affairs in the pharma industry

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