Pharmacology III

Cases and Transfer

15 - 16 Nov 2023

On location


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This  course gives you an introduction to pharmacology based on clinical practice and on what you learned in the Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology courses. You will learn the basic terminology to help you interact with other healthcare professionals and gain knowledge on how drugs work in different contexts and populations.

Pharmacology III is the third of three modules of this course. In this module you will learn about specific drugs by applying the knowledge you have gained from modules I and II. Pharmacologi III wraps up the whole course by challenging you with a case on polypharmacy. 

The three pharmacology courses are mandatory modules of the Pharma Consultant Programme.

Orther course parcipants say

"Great lecturers who take you into the real world, which makes more sense."

Tina Anthonsen Dahlqvist, Pharmacy Lead & KAM, Viatris ApS


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Course leader & lecturers

  • Espen Jimenez Solem
    Course leader
    Bispebjerg Hospital

Is this course for you?

These courses are open to anyone who wants a basic knowledge of pharmacology and who wishes to strengthen their capabilities when working with or advising on drugs as a professional in sales and marketing, market access or public affairs.

What you will learn

  1. The basic pharmacology terminology
  2. The principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  3. How to understand SPCs and interact with other healthcare professionals

What your company will get

  1. An employee with basic and all-round knowledge of pharmacology 
  2. An employee who can interact with healthcare professionals 
  3. An employee with the ability to solve drug-related tasks using a theoretical and clinical approach

Course calendar

Starting 15 Nov 2023
15 Nov 2023 9:00-16:00

Day 5 - 6

  • Pharmacology in reality
16 Nov 2023 9:00-16:00

Day 5 - 6

  • Pharmacology in reality
Practical information


Registration deadline
8 Nov 2023
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø
15 - 16 Nov
Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

Course information


Prior to the course you will get access to mandatory and optional readings via your personal Atrium log-in.

Please familiarize yourself with the mandatory readings before starting the course.

The course book for these course is: 

  • Brøsen, K mf. (2014) Basal og klinisk farmakologi. FADLs forlag


These courses are intended for individuals with extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. We recommend that you take the courses Anatomy and physiology and Pathology prior to taking these courses. Aside from this, there are no prerequisites for this course but we recommend that you have a Bachelor’s degree or similar as a minimum. 


The exam  is held online, usually 4-6 weeks after the course.

You will receive a link with exam questions via your personal Atrium log-in.

In order to participate in the exam, you must have attended Pharmacology I, Pharmacology II and Pharmacology III. 

This course is a part of a diploma

Pharma Consultant Diploma

Design a medical training programme that fits your professional interests. Relevant if you work with or advice on drugs, maybe as a professional in sales and marketing, market access or public affairs in the pharma industry

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Course leader

Espen Jimenez Solem
Bispebjerg Hospital

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