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Optimise your physical and mental energy in a busy everyday life

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30 Jan, 26 Feb, 18 and 31 Mar 2025

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You thrive on performing in a busy everyday life. You don't want to slow down the pace because juggling many tasks and being close to key decisions energises you. However, you also want to improve how you prioritize your physical and mental health.

This course will teach you how to prioritise physical and mental health while performing.

The goal is to maintain peak performance when it counts and help you recognise when to recharge.

You’ll be able to identify your physical and mental signals early, preventing negative reactions like irritability or short temper.

Over three intensive months, you’ll attend four face-to-face sessions of three hours duration from 9.00 - 12.00. You’ll also have access to an online forum to consult with fellow participants and ask questions to the course leader.

This course aims to turn new knowledge into lasting good habits.

You won't forget what you’ve learned, as the online community will support you in integrating these habits into your busy life.

Expect to spend 10-15 minutes daily on personal development to build new habits.

This course focuses on YOU, leading to a happier YOU.


  • Productivity
  • Self-awareness as a leader: how you affect others
  • How emotions influence your leadership style
  • Manage rumination, overthinking, and worry
  • Good stress vs. stress that drains

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Network leader & lecturers

  • Kenn Righolt
    Course leader
    Executive Coach

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Is this course for you?

This personal development course is for those with a busy everyday life. In your daily work, you interact with many people, for example, as a leader, through projects, with clients, or in other ways involving many stakeholders in a busy environment.

What you will learn

  1. Enhanced mental and physical health to perform optimally in a busy everyday life
  2. Increased self-awareness to understand how you affect others
  3. Awareness of when stress energizes you and when it drains you
  4. Tools to manage worry and overthinking

What your company will get

  1. An employee who continues to perform at a high level, both mentally and physically strengthened
  2. An employee with increased self-awareness who understands their impact on others
  3. An employee who can manage stress and knows when it energizes and when it drains
  4. An employee with enhanced productivity who knows when to allocate time for mental recovery


Starting 30 Jan 2025
30 Jan 2025 9:00-12:00
Day 1: Understanding your energy
  • Mental, emotional, and physical energy
  • If you have a busy everyday life with many meetings and tasks, there's a good chance you don't get enough mental rest and are physically under-challenged.
  • How emotions can change your energy in seconds – for better or worse
  • What constitutes a "good day" and a "bad day" – and what it means for your behaviour and energy
26 Feb 2025 9:00-12:00
Day 2: When your self-image meets your reputation
  • Gain insights into yourself and how others perceive you
  • Understand what pressure and stress mean for your self-image and reputation
  • Learn more about others before you judge them
18 Mar 2025 9:00-12:00
Day 3: Focus – one of the key factors for high performance
  • Learn why Harvard Business School psychologists say we spend 47% of our time thinking about something other than what we're doing – and how to reduce this risk for yourself
  • How you can double your productivity on longer and more complex tasks by increasing your ability to focus
  • How focus supports being present when colleagues, employees, or others need you
  • How to increase productivity in the meetings you lead or participate in
31 Mar 2025 9:00-12:00
Day 4: Summary – putting it all together
  • Increase productivity by balancing effort and recovery– both mentally and physically
  • Gain a new perspective on yourself and others – and understand how others see you and how you see them
  • Get to know yourself better and recognize when stress can be positive and when it unnecessarily drains you
  • Become aware of your emotional range and how to regulate it
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Registration deadline
15 Jan 2025
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø
30 Jan - 31 Mar
Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

Course leader

Kenn Righolt
Executive Coach

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