New standards for Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) in clinical trials (online)

GS1 standards for identification in clinical trials

  • 26. Aug 2020

1 day course


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This 2-hour online course (13-15 CET) provides you with knowledge about the new GS1 standards for IMP. Also, world leading experts from industry and healthcare make the case for why standardisation in the clinical trial area is so important: a pharmaceutical company presents why they decided to implement the standards in their clinical trials, and you will hear from a site personnel perspective how standards and barcodes have impacted the resources required at site level and how they minimise the risk for errors.

Key words

  • GS1
  • Standards
  • Clinical trials
  • Barcodes
  • Investigational Medical Product (IMP)

Course calendar

Start 26. Aug 2020
26. Aug 2020
Registration deadline 26. Aug 2020

What you will learn

  1.  The value of implementing standards in clinical trials for both safety and logistical efficiency
  2. The function of barcodes in optimising resources and minimising errors at site level
  3. The content of the GS1 standard

What your company will get

  1. An employee or stakeholder who understands the GS1 standard for IMP and the rationale for implementing it, including: full supply chain traceability; increased efficiency by having faster data compiling; and less time spent on validating data
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