Network: Clinical Development with Heart and Mind

We connect brain and heart in this professional network to develop your personal leadership

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Do you miss a community for strengthening your personal leadership?

The network "Clinical development with heart and mind" is for those who wish to combine professional and personal development through open dialogue in a confidential and trusting environment where we support each other.

You will be part of a network with others who work in the same professional field as you. This shared professional understanding means that you will be met and understood by like-minded individuals who can relate to the opportunities and challenges you experience in your work life.

Each of the four yearly network days is structured to provide benefits for both your mind and your heart.

For the mind, you listen to inspirational presentations about the theme of the day. In the first year of the network, we focus on themes such as motivation, mental health, work-life balance, and healthy value creation on the job.

For the heart, you will experience a guided meditation which will bring you into your body and open you up for the theme of the day, which will be discussed in smaller groups. Both ups and downs are explored and processed to ground you in a new and constructive way.

Your benefits will include:

  • Becoming a stronger “you”, both personally and professionally
  • Becoming a part of a professional community
  • Forming new relationships and gaining developmental perspectives
  • Gaining inspiration for new concrete initiatives
  • Experiencing that you are not alone with your challenges
  • Being better at handling new issues, both professionally and privately

In order to gain the most from participating, it is essential that you commit to actively participating and engaging in the dialogues during the network days.

Come and join us in creating self-care, growth, and development: well-being and professional growth.

Maximum 20 participants.

"Atrium" is a chamber of the heart, and as part of our vision, "Future Health," we aim to bring more room for the heart and personal balance into life science.

We provide the framework, and you participate and enhance your own health alongside others who also wish to take care of themselves in a rewarding community.

Here, you are met as a complete human being!


  • Personal leadership
  • Motivation
  • Mental health
  • Work-life balance
  • Value creation in everyday life

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Network leader & lecturers

  • Ulla Eskerod
    Course leader
    Direktør og Coach

Is this network for you?

This network is for you if you work in Clinical Development and would like to develop your personal leadership while taking care of your soul in the process.

What you will learn

  1. The opportunity to develop yourself both personally and professionally to enhance your well-being, motivation, and value creation in a safe and welcoming environment.
  2.  The opportunity to collaborate with peers outside your own team on topics that might be challenging to discuss internally. In open dialogue, we support each other and explore new possibilities and solutions.
  3.  The opportunity to listen to yourself, take care of yourself, and bring more of your potential into play both at work and in your personal life.
  4. The opportunity to expand your network within your professional field by connecting with colleagues from other companies in your industry.

    What your company will get

    1. An employee who is an empowered asset for you and the team by proactively addressing and managing personal and professional challenges.
    2.  An employee who gains new knowledge, insights, and tools to believe in themselves and achieve increased balance, clarity, and vitality in their everyday life.
    3.  An employee who acquires fresh perspectives on tasks, team dynamics, and stakeholders, benefiting processes and culture.
    4.  An employee who expands their network within the employee's field of expertise.

      Course leader

      Ulla Eskerod
      Direktør og Coach

      Want to know more or need help?

      Contact Client Manager Louise V. Petersen at +45 40 44 99 43

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