Market Access Today and Tomorrow

Understand the frameworks that market access operates in and learn how you stay at the forefront of the ongoing development

  • 25. Nov 2020
  • 1. Dec 2021

2 days course


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Departing from the current field of market access, this course you will introduce you to key developments within a European, Nordic, and local context that will determine what market access will look like in the future – and what your role will be within market access

Participants will need prior knowledge of market access as well as a willingness to engage with the lectures and course participants. Workshops and group exercises are included in the course so that you may translate key insights from the lectures into a new understanding of the commercial, professional, and organizational challenges that you face now – and will face in the future. 



  • The future of market access in a European, Nordic, and local context
  • Developments determing the role of the market access expert in the future
  • Framework for future market access strategy

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Course calendar

Start 25. Nov 2020
25. Nov 2020
26. Nov 2020
Registration deadline 24. Nov 2020
Start 1. Dec 2021
1. Dec 2021
2. Dec 2021
Registration deadline 30. Nov 2021


  1. How political and socio-economic developments impact national healthcare
  2. How public health organizations, regulatory actors, healthcare bodies, priority bodies, and patient organizations work, think, and collaborate
  3. How future medicines, growing patient populations and disease areas will impact the market access arena
  4. How Real World Data/Evidence will be part of authorities’ tool box for evaluating medicines
  5. How stakeholder management and lobby-work will support Market Access now, and in the future
  6. Why Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence will be an integral part of healthcare and the services that Market Access will deliver in the future
  7. How Health economic studies may come to include new dimensions of “value” to demonstrate the worth of medical treatments in the future
  8. Market Access’ role the future pharma organization


  1. An employee who can strategically utilize how political tends frame national healthcare
  2. An employee who can use stakeholder management and lobbyism as an effective tool
  3. An employee who understands how future developments within innovative medicines, patient populations, Real World Evidence, Health economics, and digitalized medicine treatment will set the demands on Market Access professionals’ and organizations’ capabilities
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