Market Access Management and Regulations

Learn how pharmaceutical products gain access to the Danish market
2 - 3 Mar 2023

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The pharmaceutical market is probably one of the most highly regulated fields in the world. The combination of a dynamic market, high demands and both private and public stakeholders has given rise to market access as an important commercial discipline:

Market Access is about understanding the roles played by stakeholders and how to interact with them in order to get pharmaceuticals on the Danish market. It’s about the path from regulatory approval to usage by HCPs to treat patients with new medicines.

In this course, you enter the engine room of pharmaceutical product prioritisation in Denmark, and you learn what processes pharmaceutical products go through to gain access to the Danish market. You will be introduced to important stakeholders in the Danish healthcare system, including The Danish Medicines Council, the Danish Medicines Agency, Amgros and the regions, and you will get an introduction to the health economic analyses used in prioritisation decisions. In addition, through case work you will learn what innovative price agreements can and cannot do.

At the course, experienced market access professionals will benefit from updated knowledge about a dynamic market. Newcomers to the field of the market access and pharma consultants will gain a quick, broad introduction to the area and learn how key players in Danish pharmaceutical product prioritisation system think and act.


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"The course provided both in-depth and practical focus on decision-making in institutions, e.g., in Danish HTAs and challenges with a new paradigm in approval of medicines, all the way down to individuals in these institutions – the course made a real difference in understanding their world."

Jakob Schmidt, Trade Commissioner - Life Science, Embassy of Canada


  • The Danish healthcare system
  • Market Access in Denmark
  • Health Technology Assessment
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Course leader(s) & Lecturer(s)

  • Morten Hedegaard
    Course leader
    Associate Director, Nordic Value, HTA & HEOR
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Signe Thybo
    Course leader
    Senior Manager, Nordic Value, HTA & HEOR
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
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The course is for both experienced professionals and newcomers in market access. For example, you work as a health economist, with regional access or sales, and you may find that decision-making processes become increasingly centralised. Maybe you are a medical adviser and would like to understand the medicines reimbursement system or what expert committees do in the Medicines Council. You may also work with public or corporate affairs and want better insight into how the public payers of medicines think.

What you will learn

  1. How pharmaceutical products gain access to the Danish market.
  2. Update on the latest trends inpayers’ prioritization of pharmaceutical products in the primary and secondary healthcare sector.
  3. Basic knowledge of the Danish medicine reimbursement system in the primary healthcare sector.
  4. Understanding of the roles of key players in the health care system.
  5. Competences to communicate access related challenges or processes to your colleagues.

What your company will get

  1. An employee who is up to date on market access in Denmark.
  2. An employee who knows the most important stakeholders in the healthcare system and how to best collaborate with Danish stakeholders.
  3. An employee who can explain access-related challenges and processes in the Danish market to colleagues in Denmark and abroad.

Course calendar

Starting 2 Mar 2023
2 Mar 2023 9:00-16:00


  • The framework conditions: the Danish healthcare system and pharmaceutical market.
  • The Danish Medicines Agency and prioritisation of medicines for the secondary sector.
  • Brief introduction to health economic evaluation in relation to medicine.
  • Prioritisation of medicine in North Denmark Region and the Danish Medicines Agency.
  • Wrap-up of the day.
3 Mar 2023 9:00-16:00


  • Introduction to the medicine reimbursement system.
  • The role of the Ministry of Health in the pharmaceutical market.
  • Amgros and their role in the procurement of medicines.
  • Case work.
  • Wrapping up the course.
Practical information


Registration deadline
1 Mar 2023
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø
2 - 3 Mar
Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

Course information


Recommended reading: Introduction to Medical Market Access in Denmark by Lars Holger Ehlers (chapters 5-7).


There is no examination for this course.

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Course leader(s)

Morten Hedegaard
Associate Director, Nordic Value, HTA & HEOR
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Signe Thybo
Senior Manager, Nordic Value, HTA & HEOR
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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