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13 Apr 2023

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Future Health: Beyond the pill - when drug and digital converge

What’s the future of medicinal products? Is traditional pharma under pressure from demands stemming from developments in medtech and digital possibilities?

At this Life Science Morning Briefing, we address the issue of convergence of drugs and the digital space. You get a regulatory perspective on the digital health space from Rolf Oberlin Hansen (Danish Medicines Agency), and Jakob Eyvind Bardram (DTU) provides an overview of digital trends – and asks the central question: who will deliver treatments in the future?

(Presentations are in English, but during the debate you can ask questions in Danish too.)

About Life Science Morning Briefings

Life Science Morning Briefings are for you, if you’re interested in and would like to debate everything from broad outlines to concrete challenges in life science. Your hosts are DLIMI, Atrium, and SPI. We promise a lively debate – with an edge that sends you on with fresh perspectives.

Key take-aways

  • Insights into major trends in Digital Health
  • Understanding patient behavior outside the hospital
  • Know why and how software and AI are regulated

Need to know

Date: 13. April

Time: 08.30 – 10.00 am (light breakfast will be served from 8 am)

Venue: Life Science House, Lersø Parkallé 101, 2100 Copenhagen

Sign-up (before 11 April): Sign up here or via the register button below

Seats are in demand, so we encourage you to sign up soon.

Your hosts

  • Maibritt Thoft-Christensen, Educational Programme Leader, Atrium
  • Kristine Rømer, Consultant Advanced Marked Research, DLIMI
  • Søren-Esben Hansen, Chief Advisor, Advanced Marked Research, DLIMI
  • Alette Pramming, Moderator and Director at Fernweh


Rolf Oberlin Hansen

Rolf Oberlin Hansen is the international representative for the Danish Medicines Agency when it comes to Software as Medical Device and Artificial Intelligence and has been closely involved in the AI Act. He is currently a part of the New Technologies and International Matters Working Groups under the European commission and partakes in multiple international collaborations (IMDRF AIMD and SaMD). Rolf has a background in Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, focusing on Machine Learning, physiological modelling, and respiratory implications on the dynamics of the heart. Most of his research has been around novel approaches utilizing non-invasive and new technologies combined with user products to aid in diagnosis.

Jakob E. Bardram

Jakob E. Bardram, PhD, is a professor at the Department of Health Technology at the Technical University of Denmark [], Adjunct Professor in public health at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen [], and the Director of the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology []. He is the co-founder of Cetrea and Monsenso [], where he is serving as board member and Chief Scientific Officer. His main research areas are software architecture, mobile & ubiquitous computing, and human-computer interaction. His research focuses on applications within healthcare, ranging from activity-based software architectures for electronic medical records, to interactive displays for clinical logistics in hospitals, and to digital phenotyping for mental health, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Read more at

Photos and video

During the event, we may take photos (not close-ups) and record video for later use in DLIMI, SPI, and Atrium marketing materials. If you do not wish to be part of these, please notify one of our staff, and we will make sure you are omitted in the final photos/videos.

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13 Apr 2023 8:00-10:00
  • 08.00 Networking and light breakfast

  • 08.30 Your hosts set the stage for today’s theme

  • 08.35 As moderator for the day, Alette Pramming introduces our speakers

  • 08.40 Rolf Oberlin Hansen, Cand. Polyt, Special Advisor, Danish Medicines Agency
    Regulation of the digital health space anno 2023: where are we going?

    - How is the interaction between pharmacy and medical devices?
    - What are the international regulatory trends?
    - Why is software and AI regulated?
    - Addressing the digital A and B team

  • 09.00 Jakob Eyvind Bardram, PhD, Professor at the Department of Health Technology at the Technical University of Denmark
    Beyond the pill: technologies for understanding long-term and real-world evidence in life science

    - What are the major trends in Digital Health?
    - How is Digital Health related to the life science and MedTech industry?
    - Why would you like to understand how patients are doing at home?
    - Is there more to treatment than pills, and who will deliver treatments in the future?

  • 09.20 The floor is open for debate, moderated by Alette Pramming

  • 09.50 Rounding off the day’s learnings

  • 10.00 Thank you and see you next time.
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11 Apr 2023
Life Science Huset
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13 Apr
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