How to become a great virtual meeting facilitator

Increase engagement during online meetings

9. Nov 2021

5 session course


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Engage attendees and inspire active listening in a virtual setting. Learn on-screen body language and become the virtual meeting facilitator who catches and keeps peoples’ attention. Online meetings are here to stay, and they require something different of you as a meeting facilitator than physical meetings.
This online five module course gives you the most important tips and tricks for leading effective virtual meetings be it 1:1 (for instance detailing meetings) or group meetings (could be Advisory boards).
The course combines theory and practice where you work with your own cases.

Since the course is conducted online and in five modules you will see many of the techniques applied in practice and from one module to the next you get a chance to improve your own virtual facilitation skills.

The five modules cover:

  • Module 1: Introduction to effective virtual meeting facilitation
  • Module 2: Teams – features and functionalities
  • Module 3: The role of the virtual facilitator
  • Module 4: Digital performance skills
  • Module 5: Design and use of PowerPoint online

Key words

  • Online meetings
  • Effective virtual meeting facilitation
  • Digital performance skills
  • Important functionalities in Teams
  • Visual storytelling

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Course leader(s) & Lecturers

  • Flemming Ulrich Østergaard
    Course leader
    Frontline Coaching
  • Bent Nørgaard
    Course leader
    Bent Nørgaard
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This online course is relevant for anyone in the life science industry hosting online meetings. You will find it particularly relevant if you lead projects or teams that work across multiple locations, geographies or organisations.

Your job title may be:
Medical Affairs specialist, Market Access specialist, Commercial manager, Marketing manager or Product manager

What you will learn

  1. The basic prerequisites for hosting and leading virtual meetings
  2. Using Teams in meetings
  3. Understanding of the host and e-moderator role, including how to set the scene for active listening and online engagement
  4. Improved digital performance skills by the use of rhetorical tools and techniques from performing arts
  5. Building a visual presentation and knowing how to use it in your storytelling

What your company will get

  1. An employee who has the tools for effective online meetings
  2. An employee who knows the role of the virtual meeting facilitator and how to set the scene online
  3. An employee with improved digital performance skills
  4. An employee who can build a visual presentation as part of the general storytelling

Course calendar

Starting 9. Nov 2021
9. Nov 2021 8:30-10:30

Module 1


  • The transformation from analogue to digital meetings and counseling
  • Analysis of audience, context and purpose
  • Get to the point – find the key message and the leading pitch
  • How to use your voice and pictures in online meetings
15. Nov 2021 8:30-11:30

Module 2

Teams – features and functionalities

  • How to use Teams for knowledge sharing
  • How to manage breakout rooms
  • Screen sharing
  • How to conduct polls
  • Using the chat function and OneNote
26. Nov 2021 8:30-11:30

Module 3

The role of the virtual facilitator

  • How to set the scene for a virtual meeting
  • How to engage the audience, build empathy and inspire active listening
  • The role as host and e-moderator in virtual facilitation
  • Dialogue techniques
2. Dec 2021 8:30-11:30

Module 4

Digital performance skills

  • How to use your voice and breathing
  • Exercise with on-screen body language
  • Rhetorical toolbox that helps attendees to listen and learn
6. Dec 2021 8:30-11:30

Module 5

Design and use of PowerPoint online

  • How to visually build the Powerpoint presentation
  • How to improve learning by using PowerPoint in your storytelling
  • What is the difference between using PowerPoint in physical meetings and online?
  • Recap of the five course modules
Practical information


Registration deadline
9. Nov 2021
Online format

Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

Course information


Prior to the course you send us 10 lines about your experience as a virtual facilitator, including your biggest challenge and your personal learning objectives.


There is no examination for this course.

Course leader(s)

Flemming Ulrich Østergaard
Frontline Coaching
Bent Nørgaard
Bent Nørgaard


Flemming Ulrich Østergaard
Frontline Coaching
Bent Nørgaard
Bent Nørgaard

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