Generation and value of Real World Evidence (RWE)

How can your company make use of the large amount of Real World Data available to generate evidence to support development, market access and safety surveillance?

  • 7. Dec 2021

1 day course


5.400,- DKK ex VAT
(app. 726,- EUR ex VAT)


This course will provide you with an understanding of how Real World Evidence (RWE) can complement evidence from randomized clinical trials and market research. You will learn how to choose study design and data sources depending on the purpose of the study and how you may avoid or limit the impact of the sources of error in observational research.

You will learn about the boundaries between interventional clinical trials, observational clinical studies and market research and the regulatory requirements for the different categories. 

This course replaces the course "Non-interventional studies"



  • Real World Data (RWD)
  • Real World Evidence (RWE)
  • Epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology
  • Observational studies
  • Non-interventional Studies
  • Market access

Course calendar

Start 7. Dec 2021
Registration deadline 30. Nov 2021
7. Dec 20218:30 - 17:00
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø

What you will learn

  1. The different opportunities of Real World Data, sometimes called ’Big data’
  2. How Real World Evidence differs from evidence from randomized clinical trials
  3. How to generate Real World Data or use already existing Real World Data
  4. How to apply pharmacoepidemiological methods in observational (non-interventional) studies
  5. How to identify and handle sources of error in observational studies

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands the many different aspects of Real World Evidence (RWE)
  2. An employee who understands the pros and cons of various designs of studies generating RWE and give input to study designs for various study objectives
  3. An employee who can analyze and evaluate pharmacoepidemiological aspects of observational studies
  4. An employee who can identify sources of error
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