From added value to QALY

  • 8. Oct 2020

1 day course


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Can quality-adjusted life years be considered 'fair' and is there a better and more consistent basis for assessing whether there is a reasonable relationship between cost and effect of a treatment or drug?

The purpose of QALY is to show the impact that a treatment has on the life span, while considering changes in health-related quality of life. A QALY calculation can be used to show the relationship between the patient’s perceived quality of life and quantity with and without the treatment in question. QALY is already used in the healthcare system as one of the measures to support decision on reimbursement or recommendations. But what significance does it have in a Danish context and as support in a medicine council process?

In this Hot Topic seminar we will give you concrete examples of cost-utility analysis – showing the relation between costs and effects measured in quality-adjusted life-years of a treatment or drug as well as answer questions like

- How do we actually measure QALYs?

- How do you incorporate QALYs in your clinical data?

If you want a basic understanding of QALY as a health economic assessment model and hence possible support tools for e.g. the Medicine Council this seminar is for you!


  • QALY
  • Health economics
  • Market access
  • Medicine Council

Course calendar

Start 8. Oct 2020
8. Oct 2020
Registration deadline 24. Sep 2020

What you will learn

  1. Basic understanding of QALY as a health economic methodology
  2. Insight into the practicality of QALY and how QALY is already used in companies nationally and internationally
  3. Specific examples of cost-utility analysis that enable you to explain the use of QALY
  4. Basic knowledge of the reorganization process for the Medicines Council before commissioning 1 Aug 2020

What your company will get

  1. An employee who has the basic understanding of QALY as a health economic tool in theory and practice
  2. An employee who can identify strengths and weaknesses in the use of QALY
  3. An employee who is well prepared for a possible changeover process in connection with commissioning
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