Clinical Project Management - Manage your Project (Module 1)

Module 1: Learn how to manage your clinical development project

29 - 31 Jan 2024

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10,100 DKK ex VAT

(app. 1,358 EUR ex VAT)


Module 1 

Managing a clinical development project is a complex and intricate process. A trial has many factors to rely on to be executed successfully. Clinical Project Management Module 1 will strengthen your understanding of the methods you use when working on clinical development projects and the fundamental tools for planning and follow-up that maximize the efficiency and success of your project as well as your role and responsibilities as project manager.

During the course you will be able to create a project overview, plan and set the objectives. You will work with analysing and managing risks and understand their value to making informed decisions. You will become able to evaluate the collaboration in the project team and know how to deal with stakeholders.

As course partcipants come from a wide variety of academia, CROs and pharma companies, network and exchange of experiences will be a big part of this module. We will do our best to take advantage of this by incorporating different experiences and viewpoints to the training sessions. The many practical exercises and discussions are great opportunities for you to strengthen your network.

Since this course is an interactive course with many cases and workshops that put the theoretical concepts into practice we expect you to participate actively.

This course is conducted in English, and is developed in collaboration with IMPLEMENT Learning Institute.

To obtain a Diploma in Clinical Project Management you must pass the exam of Module 2. 

Please note that the course fee includes
  • IMPLEMENT 8 Modules e-learning license (750,- DKK - mandatory)
  • Course materials


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Other course participants say

"I learned a lot during the course and enjoyed that there was time for interaction with both lecturers and the other participants."

Liv Egnell, Clinical Operations Specialist, Radiobotics


  • Clinical Project Management
  • Oversight
  • Generic Project Management toolbox (tools and techniques)
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Clinical Research Methodologies
  • Clinical Trial life cycle
  • Managing projects with timelines and directions
  • Project Risk Management
  • Putting the theoretical concepts into practice

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Course leader & lecturers

  • Nanna Henriksen
    Course leader
    Management Consultant
    IMPLEMENT Consulting Group
  • Kathleen Stolpe
    Course leader
    Senior Product Owner
    Novo Nordisk A/S
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Is this course for you?

This course is for you who work with clinical project management and want to strengthen your understanding of beneficial methods for planning, optimising, and following up on clinical development projects.

This is the first of the two modules of the Diploma in Clinical Project Management.

What you will learn

  1. The fundamentals of clinical research project managements
  2. How to navigate the project environment (governance, regulations, guidelines, SOPs)
  3. Be able to create an overview, plan, organize and draw up a budget for your project
  4. How to identify and manage the project stakeholders, CRO, site management and sponsor
  5. How to plan the clinical trial (milestones, phases and activities)
  6. How to manage ‘the dynamic cycle of Project Risk Management’ (planning, identification, analyzing, planning risk response, monitoring and controlling)
  7. How to analyze and manage risks by identifying project critical paths and their value to making informed decisions (‘The Risk’ mindset)
  8. How to estimate resource requirements (time and costs)

What your company will get

  1. A professional who understands the fundamentals of clinical research project managements
  2. A professional who understands the project environment (regulations, guidelines, standard operation procedures (SOPs))
  3. A professional who is able to create overview, plan, organize and draw up a budget for your project in a clinical setting
  4. A professional who can identify and manage the stakeholders of a project - CRO, Site Management and Sponsor
  5. A professional who can plan a clinical trial (milestones, phases and activities)
  6. A professional who can provide valuable input to all other team members in Clinical Project Management
  7. A professional who can operate in a highly dynamic and changing environment

Course calendar

Starting 29 Jan 2024
29 Jan 2024 9:00-17:00

Day 1

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • What is a Project?
  • Objective settings
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project evaluation
30 Jan 2024 9:00-17:00

Day 2

  • Recap Day 1
  • Milestone planning
  • Sprint planning
  • Estimation
  • Risk management
  • Project LIVE!
31 Jan 2024 9:00-16:00

Day 3

  • Communication
  • Project organisation
  • Project dilemma
  • The role of Project Manager
  • Personal Action & Training Plan
  • Exam: multiple choice
  • Wrap up
  • Goodbye and see you at module 2
Practical information


Registration deadline
22 Jan 2024
Lersø Parkallé 101
2100 København Ø
29 - 31 Jan
Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

Course information


As preparation for Module 1 there are 8 e-learning modules pertaining to the respective modules on Module 1. 

Prior to the course you will gain online access to IMPLIMENT's 8 mandatory e-learning modules. One module takes approximately 35 minutes to finalize, and consists of a pre-test, the e-learning and an after-test. 

Please note that the IMPLEMENT license is included in the course fee (750,- DKK). 

As pre-work to the course you are required to have a dialogue with your line of business manager (dialogue inspiration will be provided). 


Module 1: To enrol in this course you must have a relevant educational background at bachelor level and, as a minimum, 6-12 months of experience in project management or other equivalent qualifications. We assess all applications at registration. 

If you do not fulfil the requirements, you can still apply for the course if you have experience in the project management area that qualifies you to benefit from the training and enables you to participate actively. We accept that up to 10 % of the seats are taken by applicants who have no or very limited experience in clinical project management. We consider applicants on a case-by-case basis.


The exam will be a home assignment, which must be handed in approximately one month after Module 2. You will receive individual feedback to help you continue your further development as a Clinical Project Manager.

This course is a part of a diploma

Diploma in Clinical Project Management

A thorough training for professionals involved in clinical trials giving you proven methodologies and tools you can apply directly. Developed in cooperation with IMPLEMENT and international experts in clinical development.

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Course leaders

Nanna Henriksen
Management Consultant
IMPLEMENT Consulting Group
Kathleen Stolpe
Senior Product Owner
Novo Nordisk A/S


Nanna Henriksen
Management Consultant
IMPLEMENT Consulting Group
Kathleen Stolpe
Senior Product Owner
Novo Nordisk A/S

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