Clinical Development Network

A professional network on the recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trials

25. Nov 2021

4 annual meetings


9,800 DKK ex VAT
(app. 1,318 EUR ex VAT)


Our Clinical Development Network is a networking group for you who are involved in recruiting and retaining patients in clinical trials and want to

  • to meet like-minded people
  • to network
  • to learn new things in the field
  • to get new angles on your work.


When you become a member of the network, you will have the opportunity to attend four annual meetings.

The meetings consist of an expert presentation followed by discussion and networking. As a participant, you have the opportunity to influence the topics through the dialogue with the moderator. These are examples of meeting themes:

  1. Factors affecting the recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trials.
  2. Recruitment programs, including regulatory constraints and opportunities.
  3. Systems and tools.


    Atrium is part of the Life Science House and thus of the group of organisations that for 40 years have provided knowledge to research-based pharmaceutical companies. We collaborate with both industry, authorities, academia and organisations to develop and hold courses (e.g. in clinical development) that reflect the important knowledge regarding e.g. legislation, practice or trends. We bring this background and knowledge into our networks to ensure that you get something to take home from every meeting that makes a difference in your working life.
    Please note that the network will have a maximum of 15 participants, and membership will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Birgitte Lassen Rossau and Karina Lippert are Partners in the CTL agency and together represent 60 years of experience in clinical development from CRA to Director Clinical Operations and CRO Country Manager. Birgitte and Karina have always worked with a focus on recruiting and retaining patients in clinical trials across therapy areas and phases.


    • Clinical Development
    • Patient Recruitment and Retention
    • Recruitment Strategy
    • Patient Program
    • Legislation
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    IS THIS network FOR YOU?

    What you will learn

    1. The opportunity to meet current experts and get up to speed on the latest developments within patient recruitment and retention.
    2. The opportunity to discuss challenges and dilemmas with other clinical development experts.
    3. The opportunity to expand your network with other individuals working in clinical development with patient recruitment and retention.

    What your company will get

    1. An employee who regularly receives new information to aid their daily work with patient recruitment and retention.
    2. An employee who gets inspiration to solve relevant challenges.
    3. An employee who is able to establish a network with other clinical development professionals.


    Starting 25. Nov 2021
    25. Nov 2021 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 1

    The agenda for the day will be annouced later
    1. Mar 2022 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 2

    The agenda for the day will be annouced later
    31. May 2022 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 3

    The agenda for the day will be annouced later
    14. Sep 2022 14:00-17:00

    Meeting 4

    The agenda for the day will be annouced later
    Practical information


    Registration deadline
    25. Nov 2021
    Lersø Parkallé 101
    2100 København Ø
    Sometimes things change. This is the expected programme.

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