Agile Fundamentals and the Scrum Framework

Learn how to deliver the brand plan the pharma industry expects and how to surpass their expectations

  • 4. Nov 2020

2 days course


12.000,- DKK ex VAT
(app. 1.613,- EUR ex VAT)
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This course helps you keep your brand plan focused in terms of strategy and flexible in terms of adapting to changing market situations. It does so by sharpening your awareness of key strategic concepts and methods and by adopting an Agile mind-set and using Agile techniques.

Every pharmaceutical company has its own way of creating a brand plan and its own set of templates for it. But the contents are more or less the same, and the process is often extremely time-consuming: Some product managers plan over 1,5 years ahead and have difficulties readjusting the plan when the market situation changes. Although Agile was originally created to make software development processes more dynamic, efficient, customer- and stakeholder-friendly, they are making their way into the pharmaceutical industry and can help you make your brand planning more agile.



  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Improvement
  • Empirical process control

Course calendar

Start 4. Nov 2020
4. Nov 2020
5. Nov 2020
Registration deadline 3. Nov 2020

What you will learn

  1. The origins of agile – discussion of described values and principles
  2. To differ from where the agile mindset potentially can help you and your company – and where you are likely not to benefit from adapting the agile mindset
  3. Understand the Scrum framework and how it can support your agile mindset
  4. Understanding of the roles, artefacts and events in Scrum

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands how to benefit from adopting an agile mindset, trigging faster results and give structured, constructive feedback to the overall plans, products and people
  2. Benefits of continuous improvement based on empirical process control
  3. An employee who understands the importance of transparency, inspection and adaption in the empirical process
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