Market insight and mechanisms

Danish Pharmaceutical Academy

  • 27. Nov 2018

2 days course


9.240,- DKK ex VAT
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Module 5



In this module, you will work with key theories on segmentation and targeting. You will gain an understanding of what real world data and evidence can be used for as well as insight into market analyses and how they are used to evaluate sales opportunities.


Actors in the Danish pharmaceutical market
Market access
Digital sales opportunities
Targeting and segmentation
Real world data/real world evidence
Market analyses
Challenges and opportunities in a product life cycle

What you will learn

  1. The fundamental generic theories used to create an overview of a market
  2. Insight into the use of real world data
  3. Understanding of how to use market data to gain insight into a market
  4. Knowledge of the Danish health care system’s main actors and how decisions on the use of drugs are made

What your company will get

  1. An employee who understands on a theoretical level how to create an overview of the market they have been assigned to
  2. An employee who possesses the latest knowledge in terms of real world data/evidence and who is able to use these two concepts
  3. An employee with an overview of stakeholders in the Danish pharmaceutical market and who is aware of some of the methods used in Denmark to determine which drugs to use
Available start dates
All course dates: 27. nov 2018, 28. nov 2018

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