Communication and advertising to the public

Learn the fundamental rules concerning communicating and advertising pharmaceuticals to patients, relatives and decision makers

  • 24. Jan 2019

1 day course


5.400,- DKK ex VAT
(app. 726,- EUR ex VAT)



Special rules apply when advertising or informing both health care professionals and the public about pharmaceutical products: Most pharma communication is considered advertising, and a considerable amount of pharma advertising towards non-health care professionals is illegal.

This course is designed to help you better distinguish between advertising and information and make you wary of common pitfalls, so you can keep your pharma communication legal.

You will be introduced to the legal requirements, why the choice of medium is crucial, and what to watch out for if you use emails, digital media or traditional media to communicate or market pharmaceuticals.



Communication with non-HCPs: journalists, politicians, patients, their associations and relatives
Compulsory information and other requirements
Advertising OTC products
Press releases
Social media

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What you will learn 

  1. How to distinguish between legal information and illegal advertising
  2. General requirements to pharma advertising, no matter whether the target group is a health care professional or not
  3. Compliance challenges with respect to the choice of channels and media, e.g. emails, press releases, digital and traditional media
  4. Specific restrictions and requirements in pharma advertising

What your company will get 

  1. An employee who knows how to keep your communication with non-health care professionals compliant
  2. An employee who is aware of the special rules applying to pharma communication with both health care professionals and the public compliant
  3. An employee who can advise other colleagues on legal information, illegal advertising and the choice of media and channels
Available start dates
24. Jan 2019 (Registration deadline expired)

Registration quick facts

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If you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund. If you get sick on the day of the course, you can hand over your seat to a colleague. To hand over your seat, please contact us at +45 39 27 60 60. Read our cancellation policy.


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