Growth in Danish Pharmacovigilance jobs 

Growth in Danish Pharmacovigilance jobs

A recent analysis from the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif) shows a significant growth in Pharmacovigilance jobs in Denmark. From 2008 to 2017 the number of employees in pharmacovigilance in the HQs of Danish pharma companies has increased by 171 percent, and in international affiliates in Denmark, the increase is 100 percent.

“The scientific companies in Denmark have always had their primary focus on patient safety. Accordingly, the authorities have increasing demands to safety handling including risk management, documentation and compliance. This has led to an almost tripling in the number of employees in the pharmacovigilance departments over a period of nine years. Consequently, an increasing demand of education and training has emerged” says Programme Director at Atrium, Ann Jelert Kristensen.


Pharmacovigilance training for all levels

With an increased demand for qualified pharmacovigilance professionals follows a demand for to up-to-date pharmacovigilance training.

Atrium’s pharmacovigilance courses are designed to meet this demand. They offer a specialized understanding of pharmacovigilance issues based on a practical industry approach.

Atrium’s courses covers introduction to drug safety and pharmacovigilance to a diploma programme of eight modules for professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience.

“The eight individual modules cover key stages of a drug’s lifecycle and aim to satisfy the educational needs of practicing pharmacovigilance professionals.

In addition the programme is very flexible. You can design your own diploma by attending individual courses in whichever order you like ” Ann explains.

To earn the Diploma in Pharmacovigilance, you must attend and pass the exams of five courses, one of which can be from the regulatory affairs programme.


New courses in the future

You can look forward to even more pharmacovigilance courses at Atrium. Right now, we are working on a course on pharmacovigilance and devices. Stay updated at our website or sign up for our newsletter.

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