Danish pharmaceutical academy

Diploma programme and recertification

Conceptual knowledge necessary for success in the pharma industry

Danish Pharmaceutical Academy (DPA) offers the complete pharmacological knowledge and conceptual understanding that’s essential to succeed in the pharma industry. The education is open to anyone who wants a basic education in pharmaceuticals or to strengthen their capabilities when working with or advising on drugs – this includes peoples working with sales and marketing, market access or public affairs and pharmacists assistants advising on pharmaceuticals.

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Diploma or focused courses

You can participate in our diploma programme, Danish Pharmaceutical Academy (DPA), or take individual courses. You can also refresh your knowledge and qualifications through our recertification programme. Each course offers an in-depth study into a certain pharmaceutical area. There are no prerequisites or academic background requirements for admittance.

Mandatory courses:
Anatomy and physiology (Module 1)
Pathology (Module 2)
Law, ethics and stakeholders (Module 3)
Pharmacology I (Module 4 part 1)
Pharmacology II (Module 4 part 2)
Market insight and mechanisms (Module 5)

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On-line courses:

You can take three of the DPA courses online. This includes the Anatomy and physiology courses, Pathology courses and Pharmacology I course. The online courses uses the same curriculum as the ordinary courses. During the online course, you are expected to hand in assignments on specific topics every two weeks. Your teacher will go through each assignment as they are handed in and give you feed back.

Blended learning:

Our e-learning programme MediLearn is available for all participants. It includes both text and images by subject. E-learning allows you to practice in the curriculum when you have the chance. MediLearn is available for Anatomy and physiology, Pathology, Law, ethics and stakeholders and Pharmacology I and II. 

Taught by pharma experts

Our courses been developed by a team of pharmacological experts from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The faculty comprises experts from the pharmaceutical industry and universities. Learning activities include class teaching, e-learning, self-studies, interactive discussions and case studies. Each course is concluded with an examination held in June and November.

For Lif member companies

Lif member companies are required to have their sales representatives and product specialists register for the Danish Pharmaceutical Academy Programme. All employees who advise on drugs must have started the programme within 12 months of employment and must have passed the final exam within 30 months of employment.


Both employees and companies are required to demonstrate that they have a high professional skill level and the latest knowledge about drugs. Re-certification provides the latest drug knowledge, including new research, new treatments etc. Recertification is available every three years after DPA graduation. It consists of a two-day course primarily refreshing knowledge from courses Pathology and Pharmacology I and II.

Faculty board members

Stig Ejdrup Andersen, MD., Phd., Roskilde sygehus
Henrik Nielsen, Physician, Head of Clinic, Bisbebjerg hospital
Thomas Bruun Kolbye, Health Economist, Capital Region
Jon Trærup Andersen, MD., Phd., Rigshospitalet
Kirsten Frøssing, MD. Associate Professor, Metropolitan University College
Kirstine Moll Harboe, Resident, Ph.d., Bispebjerg hospital
Elsebeth Sandager, Sales Manager, Astellas
Helle Hellberg, Therapy & Market Access Director, Glaxo Smith Kline
Lene Hammer, Key Account Manager, MSD
Malene Kjørup, Disease Area Manager, Novartis


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