March 2022

How to succeed in the Nordic pharma markets

In the report, Forward Thinkers Review, top experts and key opinion leaders from the Nordic pharma industry share insights into how savvy life science businesses can ensure strong, continuous growth over the next 3-5 years.


Forward Thinkers Review 2022 sets out benchmarks for the pharmaceutical industry

Opportunities and challenges in the pharmaceutical industry over the next 3-5 years are in focus when Atrium, DLI Market Intelligence (DLIMI) and Swedish Pharma Insights (SPI) in a recently published report, Forward Thinkers Review, take the temperature of the industry in a Nordic perspective. Extensive change calls for new thinking, and the report indicates must-win battles.


Executive summary

Close to 200 respondents representing top managers and commercial functions in the pharmaceutical industry in the Nordic region, as well as actors from e.g. authorities, have participated through interviews and questionnaires. A comprehensive data set forms the basis for the conclusions of Forward Thinkers Review, published by the Lif Group sister companies Atrium, DLIMI and SPI.

Four trends and a sore toe become crucial

The report points to four trends that will be crucial to success in the industry on a 3-5 year horizon:

  • the use of health data (Real World Data) in decision-making about e.g. treatments
  • the influence of digital treatment models, e.g. for prevention
  • collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the public healthcare system
  • centralisation of drug management and reduction in national budgets.

To transform these trends from being challenges to becoming success parameters, the industry must rethink both its ways of organising and the roles and competencies that are needed. How? The report suggests paths as well as points to a well-known and tender point: the lack of at least 30,000 employees in the life science industry in Denmark alone.

Forward Thinkers Review 2022, Atrium, DLIMI, SPI

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